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Re: Merceneries and World-system
by francesco ranci
18 March 2003 15:51 UTC
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Two remarks on this (very important I think) note:

1. The use of professional soldiers is of detriment to
internal democracy, becouse they do not bother to
think about the rightfulness of the war from their
point of view as citizens.
2. The risk of a professional army to be defeated by a
popular army is always very high, considering the
different degree of motivation.

--- Seyed Javad <seyedjavad@hotmail.com> wrote:

Greetings, This morning I was watching BBC News and
noticed that the reporter who was in Kuwaiti Desert
while talking to a general-in-command turned to the
public and made the following remarks: ... they
[soldiers] are all ready to do the job for which they
are Paid For ... . This brought to my mind a
historical comparison between modern world-system and
pre-modern world-system in relation to Military and
Land. At the dawan of modern time there in Europe
arouse a group of highly skilled soldiers who did 'do
the job' for which they were paid for and gradually
came to be called as MERCENARIES. In other words, they
did what was required in the battle-field for 'wages'.
In the start this method prove very deadly for those
who employed these soldiers against their enemies but
in the long run this system brought about the most
deadliest disaster upon those who initiated this
system. I was wondering if this new mercernery-system
is the begining of and end or?KindKafkazli Seyed  

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