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Re: Israeli Atrocities
by John Till
12 December 2002 22:20 UTC
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Here in cyberspace, we can't tell what is being said literally,
sarcastically, or in jest unless someone marks their text in a way that
conveys their intent. 

I read your comment the same way Boris did: "Hunh?" 


John, who knows that our bickering causes the cyborg armies of _Capital_
to chuckle. If we need to "hack" at something, let's hack at that.

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Subject: Re: Israeli Atrocities

Boris Stremlin writes <<Huh?>>

So there are no confusion: My comments ("membership
into the Elders of Zion") are not intended to be
taking literally.  What I intended was that those who
cry foul everytime a Palestinian is found of
stretching the truth usually fail to understand, I
think quite intentionally, the systematic campaign of
mass deception coming from Tel-Aviv and Washington
PALESTINIANS.  Unlike Palestinians who insist on the
destruction of Israel, ISRAEL HAS THE POWER TO DO SO. 
Taking it out of this context and searching for
Palestinian evil-doers, intentionally fails to
consider to do this.  


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