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Re: Israeli Atrocities Question Mark
by Zainiddin Karaev
10 December 2002 08:05 UTC
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Thjs does not help 'admirers" of Israel either, as everyone knows about the 
atrocities of Israel on the West Bank and Gaza. 

Whatever happened, Israel has been known as worst than the Nazi Germany - 
occupying territories of neighboruing states, organizing massacres of the 
innocent civilians in Lebanon, Palestine, humiliating the entire nation

WHat is more insulting and humiliating for the rest of the world is that it 
justifies its war for new territories in the name of 'war on terrorism'

>>> "Alan Krebs" <alankrebs303@hotmail.com> 12/08/02 06:38AM >>>

For all the Israel-obsessed on this list, a piece of some interest.


Subject:  Jenin: Anti-Israel mythology

Dangerous traveling documentary regarding things that never took place
in Jenin: Your attention needed NOW.

This new anti-Israel documentary about the alleged incidents in Jenin,
will be traveling around the world, shown to audiences in order to
create anger and anti-Israel sentiment. Programs like: The Protocols of
the Elders of Zion are shown in Egypt because there is no world outcry.
Only Jewish outcry. But here it is, in your faces, a traveling
documentary about the shelling of hospital wings in Jenin (hospital
wings that never existed) a story of a dead baby with no name or body
ever found, a story about an old man who lies about being shot in the
hand and foot when in reality he did have light injury to his hand but
was in fact treated in an Israeli hospital for chronic anemia, imaginary 
bodies being crushed by Israeli tanks, and imaginary mass graves dug by the 
IDF to hide bodies. The film talks about Israeli planes that supposedly 
bombed the city. There were no such planes. The film systematically and 
repeatedly uses manipulative pictures of tanks taken in other locations, 
artificially placing them next to pictures of
Palestinian children.


Tell everyone about this by forwarding this entire note to your list.
Send this to other organizations, other leaders.
The standwithus membership is international...due to the blessings of
the internet...we have a far reach... each one of you has a far reach as 
well... alert everyone about this...and when it comes back to you from other 
organizations, you will know that we have made a diffence. At the very least 
we have alerted everyone that such a false film is about to be shown... That 
we have hopefully tainted this lying film to any responsible station who 
might consider airing such hateful propaganda.

Special thanks to Standwithus member Janet Levy

Please read:

SEVEN LIES ABOUT JENIN (Presented in New Palestinian Documentary to be
Viewed Worldwide) By David Zangen, M.D

(Commentary by Dr. David Zangen, Ma'ariv, 8.11.2002, Weekend Supplement)
I watched Muhammad Bakri's film Jenin, Jenin in a limited forum, with
Jerusalem Cinematheque Director Leah Van Leer and several journalists.
After the private screening, I responded and indicated each lie and lack of 
credibility. One of those present at the screening was outraged: "If you 
don't accept the facts in the film, you apparently don't understand 
anything; how can you be a doctor?"

For a moment, I forgot that I had been in Jenin last April, serving as a 
regional brigade doctor, while this viewer had, at best, been fed on rumors. 
Bakri expertly weaves together lies and half-truths until it becomes very 
difficult not to be seduced by the distorted picture he creates.

Even so, I was invited to its premiere screening in Jerusalem and I arrived 
in order to explain my position to the audience. Following are several 
points that I wished to raise to the audience:

1. Dr. Abu Riali, director of the hospital in Jenin, claims in the film
that the western wing of the hospital was shelled and destroyed and that the 
IDF knowingly hit the hospital's water and power supplies. There never was 
any such wing and in any case, no part of the hospital was either shelled or 
blown up. IDF soldiers took care not to enter its grounds even though we 
knew that it was serving as a refuge for several wanted fugitives. We 
guarded the water, electricity and oxygen supplies to the hospital all 
throughout the fighting and assisted in setting up an emergency generator 
after the city's electrical system was damaged.
the hospital's clean and well-kept corridors, but not in the blown up
wing. I met him outside the theater and asked him if he had visited the 
western wing. At first he said no, then he moment in the film with shattered 
glass - it was from there." It is important to point out that this Abu Riali 
is one of the "authorized sources" for the claim of a "massacre." At the 
beginning Al-Jazeera television and spoke of, "thousands of victims."

2. Another impressive part of the film is the interview with a male
75-year-old Jenin resident who mumbles and cries and tells how he was taken 
out of his bed in the middle of the night, shot in the hand, and after he 
failed to obey the soldiers' command to get up, was shot again in the foot. 
I met this very same old man as he was brought to me after an operation to 
clear one of the Hamas cells' houses in the refugee camp. He had indeed been 
lightly injured in the hand and was suffering from a minor scratch on the 
foot, but certainly not as the result of a
bullet. IDF soldiers transferred him to a secure station that had been
set up to treat wounded and there I treated him, among others. One of the 
military doctors identified diagnosed a transferred immediately to Haemek 
Hospital in Afula for treatment. He asked to be treated at the
hospital in Jenin since he did not speak Hebrew. After the hospital
refused to admit him, we transferred him to Afula and he stayed there for 
three days in the internal medicine department for treatment of his heart 
problems and the anemia that he suffered from as a result of another chronic 

3. Another person who was interviewed spoke about a baby who suffered a
chest wound from a bullet that entered through his chest and exited his 
body, creating a hole in his back. According to the film the baby died after 
IDF soldiers prevented his evacuation to hospital. A baby's body with this 
type of injury has never been found. Moreover, such an injury would have 
been fatal, and evacuation would not have saved his life. What is this 
baby's name? Where did his body disappear?

4. The same person interviewed also told how, using his finger, he opened 
the baby's airway in his neck after he was injured. Again, a complete lie. 
Such an action cannot be carried out with a finger. This "witness" adds that 
tanks ran over living people many times until they were completely 

5. The film mentions a mass gravesite that IDF soldiers dug for
Palestinian dead. Every international organization that investigated the 
matter concur that there were 52 Palestinian dead in Jenin, and that all the 
bodies were returned to the Palestinians for burial. Bakri does not bother 
to show the supposed location of this mass gravesite.

6. Israeli planes that supposedly bombed the city are mentioned in the
film. There were no such planes. In order to prevent civilian casualties, 
only focused helicopter fire was used.

7. It is interesting to note that Bakri was not present in Jenin at the
time of the operation, and only arrived two weeks after it was completed. In 
pictures shot at the site in the center of Jenin, the damage appears much 
larger than it was in actual fact, and the martyrs' pictures and jihad 
slogans - which had been present at the time of the
IDF military operation - had disappeared from the walls of houses. The
film systematically and repeatedly uses manipulative pictures of tanks taken 
in other locations, artificially placing them next to pictures of 
Palestinian children.

In general, this is a vulgar, but extremely well done, work of

Allow me to say what I was unable to say to those people that evening. I
am proud that I was part of this excellent and ethical force that operated 
in Jenin, regular army soldiers and reservists with motivation and a 
fighting spirit, who went to destroy the terrorist infrastructure in its 
capital. Many suicide-bombers came from Jenin, and were
responsible for the murder of the elderly, women and children on our
streets. I am proud that we were there, that we fought, and I also am proud 
of the morality of the battle. The camp was not bombed from the air in order 
to prevent innocent civilian casualties, and artillery was not used even 
though we knew about specific areas in the [refugee] camp where terrorists 
were holing up. IDF soldiers fought against terrorists, and terrorists only. 
Before destroying a building where terrorist fire against our soldiers had 
originated from, as many warnings as could be allowed, were given, so that 
the people could leave without injury. The medical team administered medical 
aid to
all casualties, even if they had Hamas tattoos on their hands. At no
point was any person refused medical treatment.

This battle, heroic on one hand and ethical on the other, took a heavy
toll from the best of our fighters! We who had to be there - the soldiers 
that fell there, their families and the IDF - do not deserve that Muhammad 
Bakri should incite the world to murder and hatred at our expense.

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