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World Systems and the US aggression on Iraq
by btws549
11 November 2002 15:16 UTC
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Greetings to all,

I hear with great interest regarding the arguments made about the war the US 
would be likely to wage on Iraq. 

Can't help but notice that there is silence now on this wsn mail though. Is it 
my server down or are the arguments drying out?

Anyway, I would like to add some of my own. I'm just a student, so please bear 
with my analysis. The US now has unprecedented structural power in the world 
today. Whatever they do is "legitimized' by the very structures they helped 
form in the first place e.g. World Bank, IMF, UN. Thus, i really would like to 
question the notion of US hegemony declining. Are all their actions just trying 
to preserve their empire? Or is because finding newer forms of power has 
enabled the US to project itself even further, with no 2nd superpower or any 
multipolar system to challenge it effectively?

The various comments and analysis made by various distinguished persons in wsn 
is very enlightening, and with the current resolution basically forcing Iraqi 
compliance, is there any way these views can get some support to combat the 
hawks in the Bush administration? Nobody wants war, except for those who are so 
eager to wage them.

Thanks for your time.

Justin Tai

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