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JWSR Volume VIII, Number 3
by Journal of World-Systems Research
07 November 2002 03:02 UTC
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        Journal of World-Systems Research

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        Volume VIII, Number 3, Fall 2002

David Wilkinson
    The Status Of The Far Eastern Civilization/
    World System: Evidence From City Data

Shelton A. Gunaratne
    An Evolving Triadic World: A Theoretical
    Framework for Global Communication Research

Nikolay N. Kradin
    Nomadism, Evolution and World-Systems: Pastoral
    Societies in Theories of Historical Development

Jon D. Carlson
    The 'Otter-Man' Empires: The Pacific Fur Trade,
    Incorporation and the Zone of Ignorance

Kristin Marsh 
    Two Steps Forward and One Step Back: Conflict and
    Contradiction in Post-War Guatemala

John Tomlinson
    Globalization and Culture
Reviewed By Albert J. Bergesen

David Held, Anthony McGrew, David Goldblatt,
and Jonathan Perraton
    Global Transformations: Politics, Economics,
    and Culture
Reviewed By David M. Mednicoff

Robert A. Denemark, Jonathan Friedman, Barry K. Gills,
and George Modelski
    World System History: The Social Science of
    Long-Term Change
Reviewed By Richard E. Lee

Veena Das, Arthur Kleinman, Margaret Lock,
Mamphela Ramphele, & Pamela Reynolds
    Remaking a World: Violence, Social Suffering and Recovery
Reviewed By James V. Fenelon

The Journal of World-Systems Research is an electronic
journal dedicated to scholarly research on the modern
world-system and earlier. It is intentionally
interdisciplinary in focus.

Volume VIII, Number 3 of JWSR was published under the
sponsorship of the Institute for Research on World-Systems
at UC Riverside, the Center for Global, International,
and Regional Studies, and the Division of Social Sciences
at UC Santa Cruz.

Journal of World-Systems Research:

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