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Re: Anglo-German competition for Zionist support in WWI
by Jay Fenello
23 October 2002 17:44 UTC
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At 10/22/2002  01:42 PM, John Leonard wrote:
[i intend to use this source to show, among other things, that Germany
really was stabbed in the back. not to justify hitler's excesses of course;
i have other sources that show he was sponsored indirectly by the same
american financial "elite" that sponsored the bolsheviks.

I'm reminded of a recent radio talk show that
expanded on the reports that Saddam Hussein
was given the go-ahead to invade Kuwait by
a deputy U.S. Ambassador.

The reason stated:  Because the oil producers
in Kuwait were using "side drilling" technology
to "steal" Iraqi oil.

About as consistent as the U.S. funding both
sides in the Iran vs. Iraq conflict.




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