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Article on US foreign policies, energy, currency, and the military
by iradedeus
29 September 2002 18:19 UTC
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Stan Goff  makes sense of the relations among some of the key variables of
current and recent US foreign policies: energy, currency, and the military.
While its analysis is penetrating, its conclusions are not very original,
but this is not its fault, however:

"The military doctrines being prepared for Pax Americana include doctrines
for global urban civil war.
It appears that the "democratic" form of imperialism at this conjuncture is
coming to a close, and the mailed fist of yet another form of fascism is a
real possibility in the near term. There is no "democratic" way out of this
accumulation crisis, and as this crisis floods back from the periphery to
the core, capital's assault on the U.S. working class will be sharpened, as
we are seeing with Bush's concerted attack against the debilitated American
trade union movement. As in Argentina, when the inevitable tumble into
severe economic polarization happens, those who count themselves "middle
class" will be rapidly pauperized as the banking system closes its doors to
appropriate their savings.
It is this inevitable attack on the living standards of average Americans
that will either wake us to the folly of this manufactured patriotism and
push us into resistance to this regime, or in the worst case, into atavistic
racialism and fascism. Which it will be depends in some part on how
effective some of us are at telling people in advance what they can
expect...and why."


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