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a few things I need to clarify before deciding on the next war
by francesco ranci
27 September 2002 09:44 UTC
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Dear wsn, as far as I know:

- the people who were directly responsible of 9/11 all
lived in the U.S. as temporary immigrant from Saudi
Arabia, enjoying rich grants from that government; 

- the invasion of Afghanistan did not destroy the
terrorist's network even there, notwithstanding our
satellite's capacity of inspection; 

- our governments do not tell us very much about what
Al Queda is, how it works, and how is connected to the
government of Iraq.

- if Iraq wants nuclear power, the technology must
come to Iraq from some other country and the risk is
that such a country could be Italy or the U.S. too.

So there are a lot of things that need to be clarified
(and can be done) before starting with a new invasion,
it seems to me. Am I not following the situation with
sufficient care ? Did I miss something ?

Thank you and best, 
Francesco Ranci

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