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NYTimes.com Article: Fried Chicken Takes Flight, Happily Nesting in U.S.
by swsystem
20 September 2002 11:48 UTC
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This article from NYTimes.com 
has been sent to you by swsystem@aol.com.

I guess you could say the chicken's of globalization are coming home to roost.

Steven Sherman

<<<even with the increasing Latino population in the United States, there were 
some doubts whether the company could compete in the land of Kentucky Fried 
Chicken. Any doubts soon vanished, however, amid the long lines of apparently 
insatiable customers.

"We are cheeky, eh?" said Rodolfo Jiménez, Pollo Campero's director of 
international strategic marketing. "At the end of the day, we are selling fried 
chicken, and what is more American than that? But we are also selling the Latin 
concept, which nobody else has. The difference is when you go to our 
restaurant, it's Latin service in a Latin environment.">>>>


Fried Chicken Takes Flight, Happily Nesting in U.S.

September 20, 2002

Guatemala's popular fast food chain, Pollo Campero, is
opening stores in U.S. cities that are home to many Central


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