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Let us put matters straight and let us finish the whole thing
by Tausch, Arno
19 September 2002 09:03 UTC
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Dear Nafeez,

you apologized for the fact that I could not see the entire book that quotes
my name on the back cover, but just parts of it, by saying (quote from your

"I sincerely apologise for my failure to send you the printed hard copy of
the book. Ironically, I have in fact failed to do the same for everyone else
who kindly extended their assistance and comments on 'THE WAR ON FREEDOM',
and to them I extend my unreserved apologies also. My only explanation is
that during the period of finalisation and publication of the manuscript, my
wife was enduring a tough pregnancy and finally gave birth to a baby girl in
summer. Consequently, my mind was thoroughly preoccupied with domestic
matters, and I ended up neglecting my professional duties (and to be honest
am still doing so now!)".

I respond now by saying to your posting on the WSN network and to your
letter: I came to a positive assessment of your draft that was sent on to me
by Peter Spengler in Frankfurt, although I remember saying to you that for
the final publication, for example, a different title should be chosen that
ends with a question mark, didn't I?

I stand by that. But I never saw this page 361 for example, and I do not
have the intention to have to swallow ex post parts of the book which I
never saw. 

Please also understand that in the end, this matter not only concerns you
but also Innsbruck University Department of Political Science, to which I
belong as a lifetime associate visiting professor. Dr. Pelinka, my long-term
friend and colleague, and President of my habilitation commission, is the
founder of the Institute and he is its internationally most well known
scholar. He was, among others, the Schumpeter Professor at Harvard

I stand by my intention to work - as a scholar and as a public official -
for good relations between the European Union and the Arab and the Islamic
world and as a scholar, as a public official and also as a Christian
humanist I would be more than glad if Israelis, Palestinians and other
groups were to live side by side and peacefully in the land, holy to three
world religions.

Before starting to say that I smeared someone think about this - I found my
name on a book that goes far beyond the last paragraph of your manuscript,
that finished on a page 98 with with a footnote 220, and had as the last
text item an Appendix C.

That is to say, in the printed version of the book as it is on my table I
only had knowledge of pages 1 - 325. Pages 326 to 384 (that is where the
text now ends) were totally unknown to me. That is to say, exactly, that
only 84,64 % of the book were known to me, while the rest - with the
important conclusion about the 'smoking gun' were not known to me.

I do not have the time and the willingness to have to justify ex post pages
326 to 384. As I say in my review, the draft mentions the catchwords
"Israel" or "Mossad" only in a positive context. I mention this, although
personally I feel horror at the present state of affairs in Israel and the
end of the peace process (both human rights violations in the Occupied
Territories and Palestinian suicide terror have to be condemned). Let me add
that I personally find the spirit of the First Declaration of Alexandria as
the only way out from the impasse:


Look at your Index: The "exposure" of an "Israeli connection" only starts in
those chapters of the book, which I never saw! 

Yes, I never saw these last Chapters, and yet you put on the cover and
people put on several websites my name + the War on Freedom backcover
statement "powerful etc."

Understand that this is all ex post now. Understand also that I am alarmed
and electrified by the fact mentioned above, that my name and statement -
for any reader - will include pages 326 to 384. No, I never saw this. And
under such circumstances, one becomes extremely nervous and apprehensive.

I do not have the time and the willingness to go now into all these details
of what happened in Mexico - they might be or not corresponding to reality,
but remove my name from the cover of any future editions, I will not go to
court against the editors, but I understand, that you, Mr. Barrie Zwicker
and Mr. John Leonard also refrain from saying publicly that I smear you. No
I do not. If you feel that I did then again my apologies, but think about in
the first place what you did to me - my name is on the cover of a book,
whose most important concluding 1/5 I never saw.

Understand that I don't have the time now to comment on what you say what
happened in Mexico. Better tell it Minister David Blunkett, he is as you
know very well the Home Secretary of your home country, the EU member United

You said I smeared you. Understand that it is sort of shocking to find in a
second - after my signature corresponded to only 4/5 of the book, -  the
following first google hits (search profile ben zwi mexico) about the story
on page 361 ff, to which you 'locked' my name without my knowledge:

1) PUBLICATIONS OF THE ATF STAFF 1991 (that does not deal with the incident
you mention)
... Ben-Zvi, I., Yang, KM, Yu, LH The "Fresh-Bunch" Technique in FELS. 1991
Free Electron Conference, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 8/26-30/91, BNL 46688 ... 
nslsweb.nsls.bnl.gov/AccTest/ATFPUBS/PUBS1991.html - 5k - 18 Sep 2002 -

2) PUBLICATIONS OF THE ATF STAFF, 1990 (that does not deal with the incident
you mention)
... Ben-Zvi, I., Jain, A., Wang, H., Lombardi, A. Electrical Characteristics
of a Short
RFQ Resonator. 1990 LINAC Conference, Albuquerque, New Mexico, September 10
nslsweb.nsls.bnl.gov/AccTest/ATFPUBS/PUBS1990.html - 4k - 18 Sep 2002 -
[ More results from nslsweb.nsls.bnl.gov ] 

3) David Irving's Action Report On-line
... Security then turned the terrorists Salvador Guersson Smecke, age 34,
and Saur Ben
Zvi ... Macedo de la Concha and a top Ariel Sharon envoy who flew to Mexico
www.fpp.co.uk/BoD/Mossad/Mexico/151001.html - 14k - Cached - Similar pages 

Yes, you sort of "locked me in your train" of the last 1/5 of the book and
now you expect that I say AMEN to all what is printed in the book, pages 326

One day, thorough investigations at such levels as the US Congress, and
various other parliaments will reveal the truth. But will not sign ex-post
any recommendation for a book, which I saw only partially.

Let me end by wishing you nevertheless well and saying peace, salam and
shalom. I will not comment on paragraphs of your letter that stated thing
like these:

1) "In forwarding such unwarranted and inflammatory slanders, you only
discredit yourself both ethically and intellectually". 

2)"I have little doubt in my mind that your unfortunate cognitive inability
subject the Israeli military intelligence infrastructure to an objective
critical examination in connection to the 11th September terrorist attacks
(despite your willingness to subject the United States itself and other U.S.
allies Saudi Arabia, Pakistan etc. to such examination), is what has
resulted in your willingness to, effectively, publicly smear myself, John
Leonard and Barrie Zwicker, in order to justify your position. Whether or
not that has been your intention is irrelevant - the effect of your postings
has been the propagation of inaccuracies, fallacies, and faulty logic, along
the horrendous accusation that we "are in the same boat as David Irving and
his stories"".

Let us stop and not bore our readers at the WSN any longer with a tone like

Arno Tausch

PS: A little bit more care would have been also in place to spell
investigative journalist Barrie Zwicker correctly on the cover of the book.
If you do accuse me of errors, there were also errors on your part! The
first two google hits for this wrongly spelled "Barry Zwicker" were:

1) PDF]Global Outlook
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
... . . . . . 24 WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENED ON 9-11? The US Air Force Fails to
Act in Time Barry Zwicker . . . . . ... 
www.globalresearch.ca/globaloutlook/TOC.pdf - Similar pages 

2) Freemasonry Watch News - Breaking News, Analysis, & other ... 
... Myth. Barry Zwicker: 9/11 & Operation Northwoods (Realplayer). Barry
Zwicker: Days of Deceit - 9/11 & Pearl Harbour (Realplayer). Michael ... 
www.freemasonwatch.freepress-freespeech.com/ newsroom.html - 101k - 18 Sep
2002 - Cached - Similar pages 

My only thought was: bearing in mind the "locked to the unknown 1/5"
situation - I do not want to have anything to do with the publication
Freemasonry Watch News in addition; a thought which is and remains
legitimate. A kind of thought - my God, and now all this in addition! If you
had spelled Berrie's name correctly, I would not have found that stupid item
as number 2 of the google search!

PS 2: Let me assure you once more and on a personal level - I did not want
to by-pass you. Believe me or not - the first google hit for your name is:

1) Welcome - Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed
... Toll-free: 1 866 MediaNet. E-mail: Editor@MediaMonitors.net. Nafeez
Mosaddeq Ahmed. ... Welcome:
Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed was born in London, England in November 1978. ... 
nafeez.mediamonitors.net/ - 52k - Cached - Similar pages 

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