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Karl Marx's grave
by Toshio Suzuki
09 September 2002 04:26 UTC
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Dear Friend,

I have been reading the "WSN" list by the address


But this address will be dropped in the future. So I would like you to 
add following address to list


and remove the old address.
By the way, I visited London to attend the World Congress of WFM. WFM 
haws a web site.
It is a NGO aiming to establish the World Federation and is an 
international secretariat of ICC Coalition of NGOs.
In a free time, I visited Karl Marx's grave. He died in London in 1883. 
I was thinking that at present age no people visit him and it is very 
difficult find his grave. But in the entrance of cemetery, a young lady 
was collecting entrance fee from a visitor to Marx's grave. She said 70 
people visit a day. I didn't ask whether they are all for Marx or not. 
But it was amazing. In front of Marx's grave, there was already another 
guest. He was from France. I am not a communist. But I support a part of 
his theory because in the present world there are many poor people. Marx 
insisted that there will emerge the industrial reserve army and laborers 
will be poor. But in United Kingdom where he was living, laborers became 
rich. Laborers have become rich in many advanced countries. But in the 
present world, 6.2 billion people are living of which 1 billion people 
are very poor and in malnutrition. If we think these people are 
industrial reserve army that Marx said, his prediction has realized. In 
this sense I support his theory.

Yours sincerely
Toshio Suzuki

World Government Institute, World Party, & World Citizen Network
Institute, Party, and Network to establish the World Government

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