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How to moderare a list???!!! Open Note to Hegel List (hegel@yahoogroups.com
by Nemonemini
21 August 2002 17:12 UTC
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My note on Hegel and the Eonic Effect Iwhose purpose was to launch a preemptive strike against abuse of the eonic model by Geist-mongers), resulted after a series in this, remarkable echo of the more vicious Hegelian strain, and the dangers of even praising Hegel. What a pity. In my next edition I will attempt to strip out all Hegel references from the eonic model.
This post was a protest, and was turned down.
I said I would protest therefore on another list, here, and Science for the People

My earlier remarks on the Tetragrammaton Protocol, in this light, may make better sense.

Hegel remains of great historical interest, and it saddens me to watch this behavior by reactionary fanatics.

In a message dated 8/20/2002 2:30:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time, petrejo@earthlink.net writes:

Perhaps you mistake the purpose of the Hegel List.  It is not a
forum to air opinions.  Hegel marks off the boundaries:

     "...Philosophy possesses no opinions, for there is no
       such thing as philosophical opinions.  When we hear
       a man speaking of philosophical opinions, even though
       he is an historian of philosophy itself, we detect at once
       this lack of fundamental education.  Philosophy is the
       objective science of truth, it is a science of necessity,
       conceiving knowledge, and neither opinion nor the
       spinning out of opinions."  (Hegel, LECTURES ON THE
       HISTORY OF PHILOSOPHY, 1830, trans. Haldane, U. of
       Nebraska Press, 1995, vol. 1, p. 12)

I find it altogether amazing that Paul Trejo would quote this passage in the middle of a discussion. Would any student of Hegel wish to comment?
This statement out of context is actually dangerous, and misleading.
We were discussing, among other things, Napoleon!  The implication is that noone on this list can have an opinion critiquing Napoleon. This kind of thing will destroy the reputation of this list. What is going on here?
Whatever Hegel's meaning here, it couldn't apply in this case. If it does, we are all in trouble.
I am not a Hegelian but an observer,  more or less, on this list. What I observe I will certainly report elsewhere. I am under no obligation to submit to Trejo's judgements on issues, let alone take this quote from Hegel as some principle of open discussion.
I think we need a clarification here in public from the list owner, especially since most attempts to even answer Trejo are not even passed onto the list.. That makes Trejjo the defacto controller of discussion.
This is a principle of censorship.
Again, I am an observer here, and don't particularly need to post much here. But the tone set here is pernicious, and I think this needs some open air.

John Landon
Website on the eonic effect
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