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AUDIO/VIDEO: @Madison, July 25: Former UN Oil-For-Food Coordinator toIraq, Hans von Sponeck, Speaks Against Iraq Sanctions and War
by Mark Douglas Whitaker
28 July 2002 15:35 UTC
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Story from the madison.indymedia.org:8081 newswire

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Comments: Former Oil-For-Food Coordinator Speaks Against Iraq Sanctions and 

at IMC-Madison link, there is a video link and an audio link of his recent 
public talk


Article by: John Hamilton
Friday 26 Jul 2002

Email: johnshamilton@yahoo.com

Summary:Hans von Sponeck was the coordinator of the United Nations\' 
oil-for-food program for seventeen months, until he resigned in protest of 
the UN-imposed, US-backed sanctions against Iraq. He wasn\'t the first to 
do so; in 1998 his predecessor Dennis Halliday also resigned in protest. He 
spoke on July 25th in the UW-Madison Memorial Union about the terrible 
human cost of the sanctions, and the dangers posed by the Bush 
administration as it prepares another aerial bombardment of Iraq.

Reference at indymedia website: 


\"As a UN official, I should not be expected to be silent to that which I 
recognize as a true human tragedy that needs to be ended. How long should 
the civilian population, which is totally innocent on all this, be exposed 
to such punishment for something they have never done? The very title that 
I hold as a Humanitarian Co-ordinator suggests I can not be silent over 
that which we see here. [...] My support, my commitment is for the Iraqi 
people as a group of deprived people whose tragedy should end.\"

- Hans von Sponeck, former Humanitaian Aid Co-ordinator for Iraq, 13th 
February 2000.

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