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Fw: Bush to Brazil: "Do you have blacks too?"
by Trich Ganesh
02 June 2002 19:50 UTC
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I am forwarding what was sent to me. The text follows.

This is unbelievable, scary, but 100% true...
(See full story at http://gwbush.com)

Recently Bush met with Brazilian President Fernando
Henrique Cardoso. Not far into the conversation, Bush
asked the 71 year old statesman an unexpected question:
"Do you have blacks too?"
Condoleezza Rice was present and jumped in to save
Cardoso from having to answer, informing Bush that in
fact Brazil is home to more blacks than any country
outside Africa.
The incident, witnessed by the White House press
corps, is more proof that Bush knows ABSOLUTELY
NOTHING about the world he lives in--AND LEADS!
This is terrifying!
Equally terrifying: the American media did not
report the incident. There seems to be an unwritten
rule that while it's ok to acknowledge Bush's lack
of "intellectual curiosity", any hard evidence of
utter stupidity must be covered up.
The incident was reported outside the U.S.. For
example, by the prestigious German news magazine
Der Spiegel. Here's a translation of the article
(with a link to the original German article):
Please spread the word about this. American voters
need to know that our pilot is flying blind!
Please visit GWBush.com for the full feature and
some additional laughs on this subject...

Brian Caldwell                          
Farm Education Coordinator
Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York

180 Walding Lane
Spencer, NY 14883


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