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"reducing the world's population by more than four billion people"
by nd
15 May 2002 21:51 UTC
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Susan George imagined a plan by a global elite intended to a similar aim in
her "Lugano report" a couple of years ago (quite plausible in my view, we
may discuss why); now Michael Ruppert offer some evidence, starting with the
the suspicious deaths of what may be as many as 14 world-class
microbiologists (and finding connections to DynCorp, Hadron and PROMIS
"The DNA sequencing work by several of the microbiologists discussed earlier
is aimed at developing drugs that will fight pathogens based on the
pathogen's genetic profile. The work is also aimed at eventually developing
drugs that will work
in cooperation with a person's genetic makeup.
Theoretically, a drug could be developed for one specific person. That being
the case, it's obvious that one could go down the ladder, and a drug could
be developed to effectively treat a much broader class of people sharing a
genetic marker.
The entire process can also be turned around to develop a pathogen that will
affect a broad class of people sharing a genetic marker. A broad class of
people sharing a genetic marker could be a group such as a race, or people
with brown eyes."



(Explore this site 'cause is very instructive)

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