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French Candidates
by jeay
24 April 2002 00:13 UTC
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I made this picture of "our" political world for my students,  you could be
interested to read something different of what is in newspapersŠ
Candidates are ranked from right wing to left wing
Informations are :
Name - Party - % - religion - origin or historical leader - main values
from their official leaflets - European politics


 Megret - 2,2% - no religious references - FN and Le Pen - xenophobia,
security, European Union no

 Le Pen - 16,86% - Catholic nationalism - in the tradition of older right
wing movements such as "Action Française" etc...., "different people in
different countries"  that means territory linked to ethnicity, France to
the French, EU no

 Boutin- 1,2% - Catholic fundamentalism - UDF dissidence - anti abortion,
 anti gay, anti differences , anti anything that looks different and for
helping the poor, the working people, the family and the fatherland, EU yes

 Madelin - 3.9 % - Catholic libéralism - "Droite Libérale"  , right wing and
economic liberalism ( a kind of Bush ideology) - capital, business, global
economy, liberalism, anti welfare state, EU yes

 Bayrou - 6,9% - Social Catholicism - in the UDF - e.g. Giscard - camp. A
member of the classical make up of the French "legitimate" right- family,
morality, work, charity and security,  little bit of ecology (Sustainable
Development), EU yes

 Saint Josse - 3,9% - Traditional Catholic - CPNT that means Hunting,
 Fishing, Nature and Tradition, a movement based on hunters, fishermen,
nature fetishism and tradition, somewhat similar to a combination
NRA-Sierra Club- new as a political party  - values to live in your own
village, welfare state and traditional behaviors, EU no

 Lepage - 1,7%- Brittany catholicism social and progressit- from RPR -
Agenda 21, EU yes [a social and left-leaning catholic take on RPR, Chirac's
party (sic)]

 Chirac - 19,88% - "Light"  Catholicism and other religious "ideas" -
historical leader De
Gaulle - France, nation, global economy, security and power, EU yes

 Jospin - 16,18% - Protestant  (all of his friends and goverment team) - PS
and F Mitterand - akin to Tony Blair , security, serious work etcŠ His
first words were : "my programm is not socialist, it is modern", his value
is an unexplained modernism, EU yes

 Chevénement - 5,4% - Protestant and Freemasons - "dissidents
du PS" - France, national sovereignity, Republic, security, defense, a bit
of ecology - UE no

 Mamère - 5,2% - Protestant and Freemasons- green party - against nuclear
energy, against cars and pollution, that is all their ecological programm,
EU yes

 Taubira - 2,32% - laics - Parti Radical - Mendes France - Laicity,
Republic, respect, equality

 Hue - 3,5% - PC Communist party - no comments evrybody knows their origins
and values unchanged still 1960, EU yes

 Laguiller - 5,72%- LO Lutte Ouvrière, soft trotkistes [Trotskyst]- this
party was settled
by Trotsky himself -workers, workers, workers, EU waffling

 Gluckstein - 0,47% - PT Parti des Travailleurs - populism as ideas,
elitism as leadership, a welfare state for workers, young and poors, anti
state, EU no comment

 Besancenot - 4,25% - LCR  Ligue Communiste Révolutionaire , hard
Trotskyst, and Alain Krivine, seventies "gauchistes" - welfare state for
the young, retirement system,  poors, and employment, against profit, EU no

"César demandait à rétablir la royauté ; les Romains s'effarouchent : mais
ils lui accordent, sous le nom d'empereur, le pouvoir suprême qu'ils lui
avaient refusé sous celui du roi." (Jean Paul Marat, Les chaînes de
l'esclavage, 1774, p 141)

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