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agf # 2 NEW WORLD ORDER Section on AGF web-page (fwd)
by Andre Gunder Frank
08 April 2002 15:49 UTC
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               ANDRE    GUNDER      FRANK

Senior Fellow                                      Residence
World History Center                    One Longfellow Place
Northeastern University                            Apt. 3411
270 Holmes Hall                         Boston, MA 02114 USA
Boston, MA 02115 USA                    Tel:    617-948 2315
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Web-page:csf.colorado.edu/agfrank/     e-mail:franka@fiu.edu




Subject: NEW WORLD ORDER Section on AGF web-page

This NEW Section of my web-page REPLACES the existing NATO/Kosovo section
of postings from 1999 that is incorporated into this new one, which 
however is wider ranging and more up to date.  SOME of the NATO/Kosovo
postings specified below by title [and in brackets by  location date] are
to be inserted in this NEW WORLD ORDER section in the places indicated
below. The rest of the NATO page, or to make things procedurally
simpler THE ENTIRE OLD NATO PAGE, is to be added into this NEW WORLD ORDER
page at its very end, as also indicated below.

The NEW WORLD ORDER section of my web-page will consist of and is to be
constructed out of the major building blocks and individual bricks
detailed below: The  1999 and earlier ones are already in the NATO page
and are to be copied/linked [each from where indicated in brackets].
Recent essays are to be found and placed here from those of mine already
in ON-LINE ESSAYS [never mind that sometitles will be repeated] and
from individual message files I have sent in last 2 days. I may also add
more stuff as time goes by.

The New Section will consist of: 

An Introduction -  newly written and at the beginning of the file below 

A. The New World Order Strategy
        The 1991 AGF Essay on Third World War in the Gulf [Iraq] and
                New World Order   
        Jimmy Carter 1999 essay
        Brezhinski material
        3 press reports [1 from 1999 ,2 from 2002]
        Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich (D-Ohio) protests Patriot Act 2002      

   On Oil
        a few items from 1999 to 2002

B. On War Against Afghanistan
        AGF Essays
                On Geo-political-economy
                On International Legal [DisOrder]



                SUMMARY ESSAY
                NATO's Kosovo Political Bomb [1999]

                ANALYTIC ESSAYS
                PROGRAMATIC ESSAYS


        OTHER ESSAYS AND DOCUMENTATION [the old NATO page as a whole]

               ANDRE    GUNDER      FRANK

Senior Fellow                                      Residence
World History Center                    One Longfellow Place
Northeastern University                            Apt. 3411
270 Holmes Hall                         Boston, MA 02114 USA
Boston, MA 02115 USA                    Tel:    617-948 2315
Tel: 617 - 373 4060                     Fax:    617-948 2316
Web-page:csf.colorado.edu/agfrank/     e-mail:franka@fiu.edu

[All things in brackets below are instructions/guides to you Paul to help
you find things and put them in the right place. But  these things in brackets
are NOT to appear on the web-page]

[Replace the NATO section by one entitled and with a new intro as follows]


President George Bush father coined the term a NEW WORLD ORDER in 1991 as
a name for what he was trying to do with his War Against Iraq.  Was it
historical amnesia that failed to recall who used the very self-same term
to describe an earlier  geo-political ambition?  - Adolf Hitler!  The
Clinton Doctrine continued to work on the same American project, notably
with the NATO War Against Yugoslavia.  It was  mis-called the >=Kosovo@
war, especially inasmuch as it was militarily directed against Yugoslavia
and politically against Russia and was accompanied by the US sponsored
expansion of NATO eastward: New, ex-Warsaw Pact members were ushered into
NATO, and for the first time and in contravention with its own Charter
NATO undertook both offensive military action and did so >=out of area.@
NATO extended its power and military action south-eastward toward the
sources of oil and the  existing and potential pipe-lines to carry
it. [One of the latter  >=happens@ to be the valley that runs parallel to
the Kosovo/Macedonia border, through which a line would be run from the
Black to the Adreatic Sea].  An additional related effect, if not purpose,
of the NATO War was to help foreclose European independence from the US
and to maintain and extend US geo-political power in Europe and

President George Bush son is now working over time to continue to build up
and extend the NEW WORLD ORDER that his father started to construct in
1991.  But Bush the younger is extending this order not only
geographically but also programatically through a combination of complete
unilateralism [never mind the allies and even NATO, literally not to
mention the UN] and >= you=re either with us or against us=> plain English
blackmail.  The words are the same as the ones John Foster Dulles used in
the early Cold War.  But then those against us were left under the
umbrellas of the  Soviet Union and China.  Now >=against us@ INCLUDES
Russia and China among those subjected to US political economic blackmail
- and, along with a half a dozen other >=rouge=> states, American nuclear
threat as per  Pentagon planning recently publicized by the press.  At
home in the meantime, the people are encouraged to show
pride to be an American while, as Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich
(D-Ohio)   wrote, the Bill of Rights is being abrogated and the
Constitution dismantled.

A critical analysis of this NEW WORLD ORDER under construction is offered
in the opening chapters of EMPIRE by Hardt & Negri, published by Harvard
University Press in 2000, which argues that the entire world is now
imperial per se in which the US occupies a position of priviledge, which
includes that of re-defining the ethical and legal standards of good and
evil to be imposed on one and all. More significantly still is the
formation of an active group of rigth wing policy makers and opinion
leaders [the usual suspects from the most dangerous wing of the Reagan and
Bush administrations plus some younger converts] in Washington DC who
argue that the United States is de facto THE IMPERIALIST POWER in the
world today, so that it should accept that fact, make proud of the lable
and carry out its imperial/ist responsibilities to the full extent of its
abilities, which are and should be far greater still than those of the
only ''hesitant'' Bush doctrine.

So far, the most visible international  part of this NEW WORLD ORDER has
been the US War Against Afghanistan.  Its real purpose and pursuit should
have come as no surprise.  The Clinton administration had already taken
many important steps to extend American influence and power  through the
Caspian Sea and Central  Asian region under the Orwellian NewSpeak
APartnership for Peace.@ US planning, both political and military, for a
War Against Afghanistan was well under way long before the events of
September 11, 2001 offered >=legitimation=> for the same.  Under cover of
this war, the US established new military positions and political
alliances not only in Afghanistan itself, but also in a half dozen
neighboring states in  Central Asia in which the US has brokered an at
least temporary agreement to share power with Russia B and to encircle
China now also from the West, as still in the East, including newly again
in the  Philippines and elsewhere.

So, the NEW WORLD ORDER is the name of the game on its world-wide scale if
we are to accept its baptism by President Bush father.  In Central and
Inner Asia, it is to pursue the same BIG GAME twenty-first-century style
that then Great Britain and Russia already fought over the Eurasian
heartland MacKinder.and  Huntington already identified it as the region
from which to dominate the world and its APulse@ as the measure of global
geo-politics a century ago. In his 1997 book on the Global  Chessboard,
Zigniew Brezinski  did so again for the present and future.  Suitable
pretexts came to hand or were made up easily a century ago as they are
again now to >=legitimize=> such policy - so long as they are not examined
for more than a minute.  In 1991 the pretext was >= violation of
sovereignty;=> in 1999 >=protection of human rights;=> and in 2001-2
>=combating terrorism.@ No matter that on the record, it has been and
continues to be US policy and praxis more than anyone else=s  to violate
sovereignty [what else the Yugoslavia policy?] and human rights and to
support terrorism around the world [against Palestinians by Israel, Kurds
by Turkey, Arabs by Saudi Arabia, by all  the new US supported governments
in Central Asia, not to mention by US allied and puppet regimes  around
the world  during the past half century and longer].  World-wide
condemnation of present US policy is manifest in countless resolutions
passed by the UN General Assembly and increasingly by critiques of even
the closest US allies in  Europe. In the United States, to name only two
former public personalities,  former Attorney General Ramsey Clark [and
even Henry Kissinger ], and former President Jimmy Carter has oft been
publicly critical of US foreign policy and publicly opposed the War
Against Yugoslavia.. An important statement in that regard by President
Carter  is posted  below.

This web-page section entitled ON THE NEW WORLD ORDER therefore deals with
elements of its construction, especially in  three US wars over the last
decade: The War against Iraq in 1991, but which continues to this day
through bombing and embargo at an estimated cost of over one million lives
[When US Secretary of State was asked about that a few years ago, she
answered point blank that the by then already one half million lives
sacrificed >=has been worth it@].  Frank wrote several analytic essays on
that war, but only the most inclusive one on THE THIRD WORLD WAR is posted
here.  It is now placed at the beginning of this Section not only because
of when it was written,  but because with a decade of hindsight it also
still  correctly outlines the major  characteristics of n THE NEW WORLD
ORDER, including  the principal procedure for its establishment: US
unilateral blackmail ultimatum threats to destroy your country if you do
not do the US bidding.  Bush son would later formulate it through his
either with us or against us doctrine. If the latter,  first Iraq, then
Yugoslavia, now Afghanistan and where next is the example of what you will

The 1999 NATO War against Yugoslavia, preceded by years of violence in
Bosnia and Croatia and followed by military occupation of Kosovo and
Macedonia was the second major example, and the 2001-02 War Against
Afghanistan became the third.. Material on these wars and the policy
behind them is posted below in reverse chronological order, beginning with
the most recent - and so far here least examined one, then the by much the
longest section on   This web-page section  incorporates what used to be a
separate   web?page and then a separate section on this web?page, which
was  created and built up during the 1999 NATO War against Yugoslavia
[miscalled Kosovo War]. Examination of this page reveals both the striking
parallels of that war with the present one against Afghanistan and the
clear line of continuity  from the one in 1999 in Yugoslavia [and indeed
already from the war in 1991 against Iraq] to the present one 2002 War in
Afghanistan and the threat of continued war elsewhere, including again
against Iraq.

This NATO Section contains  a few 1999 essays by Andre Gunder Frank,
many analyses by others that were selected by Frank for inclusion here,
and ample documentary material, eg. chapter and verse in international law
that was being violated in that war as also in the War against
Afghanistan, as well 
as all along in the still continuing War against Iraq.  The material was
posted in 1999 chronologically by date, but with the latest on top; so
that it now appears on the web?page in reverse chronological order ending
on June 16 and  beginning with postings on April 16,1999. 

Therefore essays by Frank, many of which appeared early and were  at the
end of the web?page, are now selected out into this introductory
section. They are complemented here by a few supporting citations of
international law [more extensive ones are in  the 3 Part International
Lawyers Brief posted on May 11] and a very interesting article by former
U.S. President Jimmy Carter. Of particular current 2002 interest also are
the postings on June 17, 1999 about that war and already then Caspian
Sea/Central Asian  oil and Russia.  The latter is complemented by an
on the same by Frank written in December 2000.

Several themes are repeated in the analysis and postings here on all three
and the intervening  periods.  It might be useful to separate these themes
and the postings thereon into separate sub-sections below, e.g. on the red
thread of oil that runs though all of them, and wider
geo-political-economic issues in the construction of a NEW WORLD
ORDER.  One essay by Frank questions whether the US can be successful in
imposing this order however.  An oft repeated theme is the also of
repeated violation, nay total abrogation, of international law and the
United Nations system, and its replacement by new MIGHT IS RIGHT in a
uni-polar world, not seen since >=Pax Britannia=, which however was much
more peaceful than the century past or as the present one is
beginning.  Since all these and other issues are interconnected in the
real world, it is difficult to separate them out here below other than to
supply  some topical sub-titles.

[PAUL: place the following titles and links here from On-Line


Third World War : A Political Economy of the Gulf War and New World Order
1991 Essay by  Andre Gunder Frank
  [take from NATO page April 20]

HAVE WE FORGOTTEN THE PATH TO PEACE? Essay by Jimmy Carter 1999 
       [take from NATO page 28 may]

>                National Security Adviser in the Carter Administration
>                  [sent to you]

Also see  "THE GRAND CHESSBOARD ? American Primacy And It's Geostrategic
Imperatives," Zbigniew Brzezinski, Basic Books, 1997 and  e Brzezinski on
the site of Council on Foreign Relations

Ziggy wants to make the world safe for .. the USA! Excerpt 1999  [from 20

It's the Russians [not Kosovo] Stupid! Excerpt 1999 [in  NATO page 16

Charting US grand chessboard moves  - Christian Science Monitor 
 [sent to you]

From Suez to the Pacific US expands its presence across the globe
[sent to you]

Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich (D-Ohio) protests Patriot Act abrogation of civil
[sent to you]

Nato & Caucasus/Central Asia Oil Excerpt 1999 [ on 16 june]

The 'Great Game' for Caspian Sea Oil .Essay by Gunder Frank 2000 
[take from on line essays/on central asia]

Also see  CUI BONO essay by A.G Frank below

Essays by A.G. Frank

     The Tragedy of September 11: CUI BONO?  [2001] 

     U.S. Economic Overstretch and Military/Political Imperial
Blowback? [2001] 

     The United Nations and International Law [2001] 

     Michigan State University Model United Nations [2001] 

     On Kofi Annan and the Nobel Peace Prize [2001] 

Frank also has a file elsewhere of  hundreds of  2001-2002 essays and
documents on a large variety of  related  issues that were and are still
being copied from the web.
They  are not posted here, but some  could be supplied on this or that
topic  on request to  franka@fiu.edu



NATO's Kosovo Political Bomb [1999]
[find in ON-Line essays!]

NATO BOMBS Essay by Gunder Frank [in 16 april]

NATO AGAINST THE LAW & YUGOSLAVIA Essay by Gunder Frank [in 16 april]

NATO HYPOCRISY IN YUGOSLAVIA Essay by Gunder Frank [in 16 april]


Whats Left? Do the Right Thing! Whats That? Essay by Gunder Frank [in 16

A MODEST LEGAL/UN PROPOSAL TO ACT! Essay by Gunder Frank [in 16 april]

26 april]


 On AGF on NATO Excerpt [in 17 april]


[from May 3]
War Crimes on all sides, including NATO Excerpt 

[from 18 april]
MIGHT[&]TWO WRONGS MAKE A RIGHT? Essay by Gunder Frank 

[from 16 April]

Nuremberg & personal resposibility Excerpt

[from 17 April]

 Nuremberg principles [for the record] Excerpt

Genocide definition Excerpt

[ from 28 May]
WAR CRIMES LAW APPLIES TO U.S. TOO ? former , prosecutor at Nuremberg War
   Crimes Trial Essay by Walter J. Rockler 
 War Crimes Web?site on Factual and Legal Briefs to ICT?Y Excerpt 
[from 11 May]

International Criminal Tribunal?Y vs NATO member # 1 Excerpt 

Lawyers charge NATO Leaders for War Crimes # 2 Excerpt 

Lawyers' proposal to indict all NATO leaders for war crimes #3 Excerpt 

in reverse chronological order     [simply copy & link entire list from
the old NATO section]

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