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pragmatic proof of the existence of global class conflict
by g kohler
06 April 2002 19:42 UTC
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pragmatic proof of the existence of global class conflict

Here are a few observations which suggest that a global class conflict
exists - if not in reality, then at least in the minds and the behaviour
of the global elites.

(a) Bill Gates (Microsoft) started to think about global inequality. A
year or two ago he had a weak moment when he realized that his software
cannot be sold to the global masses because they don't have electricity
or telephones and don't even have money.

(b) George Soroos, successful financial capitalist, started to write,
about five years ago, that the global capitalist system has problems.
Most recently he wrote that markets can almost never be trusted to get
things right.

(c) Professor Kanbur, World Bank special investigator on global poverty,
was dismissed by the World Bank (on US insistence) for formulating
findings which were contrary to global elite interests.

(d) Stiglitz, Nobel-prize winning World Bank reject, came out with a
global-Keynesian proposal to use massive injections of SDRs (Special
Drawing Rights = truly global money) in order to begin reversing global
inequity and stabilising the world economy.

(e) World Bank and US government circles, as well as French President
Chirac, have begun to perceive global poverty as the breeding ground of
global terrorism.

(f) Canadian Prime Minister Chretien and his finance minister are
promoting an aid-for-Africa agenda.

(g) Recent US military doctrine lists several countries as potential
targets of US nuclear force. They all happen to be countries located in
the semi-periphery of the world.

While the expression of  "global class conflict" is missing in the
dictionary of the leftist intelligentsia, global elites are already
perceiving it and reacting to it.

Gernot Kohler

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