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Full text of OIC foreign ministers statement
by Seyed Javad
01 April 2002 14:43 UTC
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OIC or Organization of the Islamic Country had an emergencey conference in Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia which would end by the third of April 2002.  Below you will find a report of this meeting and the full text of OIC Ministers' statement:

 Kuala Lumpur, April 1, IRNA - Full text of a statement issued by the  
foreign ministers attending the extraordinary session of the          
Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) at a meeting here Monday 
    "The ministers closely examined the grave conditions prevailing in
the occupied Palestinian territories and reaffirmed all the Islamic   
resolutions on Palestine, Al-Quds Al-Sharif and the Arab-Israeli      
    "The conference strongly condemned the recent Israeli storming    
of Palestinian cities and villages, as well as the headquarters of    
the Palestinian presidency and endangering the life of President      
Arafat and members of the Palestinian leadership.                     
    "The conference considered this assault a violation of all        
international norms and laws and the culmination of state terrorism   
as practiced by Israel.                                               
    "The conference, while cautioning Israel of the dire consequences 
of the attack on the Palestinian president, requests the UN Security  
Council, the two sponsors of the peace process and the European Union 
to assume their responsibility for immediately stopping the Israeli   
aggression and withdrawing the Israeli troops from all occupied Arab  
and Palestinian territories.                                          
    "The conference, while lauding with great pride the steadfastness 
of the Palestinian people under the leadership of President Yasser    
Arafat and paying tribute to its valiant resistance and its blessed   
intifada, reaffirms the continuing support for the Palestinian        
People's struggle for the liquidation of the Israeli occupation, the  
restoration of their inalienable national rights including the right  
of refugees to return to their homes, the right to self-determination 
and to establish their sovereign state with Al Quds Al-Sharif as its  
    "The conference, while condemning the state terrorism exercised   
by Israel and demonstrated by the assassination of Palestinian        
leaders, citizens, security personnel and policemen, the destruction  
of the Palestinian National Authority institutions and infrastructures
as well as the imposition of the blockade on the Palestinian people   
and its leadership, requests the international community to take      
immediate action to stop the Israeli aggression and illegitimate      
practices, and lift the blockade.                                     
    "The conference also requests the UN Security Council to take     
the necessary measures to provide international protection for the    
Palestinian people and apply deterrent sanctions against Israel.      
    "Israel's terrorist actions and aggressive practices, posing a    
threat to international peace and security, and dragging the region   
towards an all-out war, necessitate immediate action by the UN        
Security Council to apply Chapter VII of the UN Charter.              
    "The conference welcomes the Arab peace initiative taken by the   
Fourteenth Arab Summit Conference in Beirut, and requests the         
Security Council to exert pressure on Israel for implementing the     
initiative in its entirety."                                          
    The three-day extraordinary session of OIC foreign ministers on   
terrorism in the Malaysian capital city of Kuala Lumpur will end on   
April 3, 2002.                                                        

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