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Re: how could one recognize a global class struggle if one saw one
by g kohler
01 April 2002 13:29 UTC
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A few days ago Whitaker recommended the book
Divided Planet: The Ecology of Rich and Poor, by Tom Athanasiou

There is an interesting interview with Athanasiou at:


from the interview:
"There are a lot of reasons for the [sc. ecological] gridlock, but one,
in particular, is too rarely noted. It is simply that, because of the
class structure of this society, because of the vast separation between
the haves and the have nots, we have a situation in which, by and large,
those with their hands on or even close to the levers of power are
insulated by that power from the conditions of life, as many, many
people experience them. Indigenous peoples, the poor in both northern
and southern countries, most people of color, women, children, nonhumans
these are not, by and large, the groups with the power."

(but concerning "nonhumans" - how about genetically modified killer


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