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how could one recognize a global class struggle if one saw one?
by g kohler
26 March 2002 18:04 UTC
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how could one recognize a global class struggle if one saw one?

There are signs that we are in the midst of a global class struggle, but
the pundits are reluctant to call it such. The question arises: How
could one recognize such a "thing" - namely, a "global class struggle"?

The closest to recognizing THAT is, perhaps, the expression by Professor
Chossudovsky (Canada) of "financial warfare" (sc. of the rich of the
world against the poor of the world). "warfare" is "struggle", plus it's
"global" and it's the global "rich" against the global "poor". Thus, one
can cite Professor Chossudovsky as a witness for the existence of a
global class struggle. Wallerstein speaks of a global struggle between
two "camps" (not "classes") - those who defend privileges and those who
oppose the privileged ones (on a global scale). Close, but no cigar, a
"camp" is not necessarily a "class". Or is it?

Former US Labor Secretary Reich wrote some years ago that there is one
truly global class (not two or three) with a truly global class
consciousness - namely, the global corporate class. Thus one can cite
Reich as a witness for the existence of one global class. What is the
rest? A (global) "multitude" (Hardt-Negri)? a (global) "camp"
(Wallerstein)? or a "global class"?

Perhaps, the crucial variable is "class consciousness". Thus, one might
investigate whether or not global class consciousness (outside and in
addition to Reich's class consciousness of the global corporate class)
(a) exists or (b) is emerging. Interesting problem for a PhD thesis.

Gert Kohler

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