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Beyond Capitalism?
by Threehegemons
23 March 2002 15:03 UTC
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<Could it be that the concept of capitalism has changed
along with globalization from the "right" perspective?
The mode of production and means of exchanges now
rides the wave of  technological systemic swells at
the global level through intra-firm relations, not

This appears to be much different from the units of
analysis that Marx or Smith for that matter were
initially concerned with. Could it be, 18th century
"Capitalism" has evolved into something more specific,
"The Neo-Liberal Agenda"? Thus, it might not be so far
off from the truth that "Capitalism" with its
'debated' eurocentric origins once existed but has
evolved so much that it is now an entirely different
species. Perhaps we should be more concerned with the
origins of this later concept. 

What do you think?>

Both the creation of huge transnational, vertically integrated business 
enterprises and the 'neoliberal agenda' are explicable as recurrent aspects of 
The classic text highlighting these patterns is Giovanni Arrighi, The Long 
Twentieth Century.  Intra-firm transactions are reminiscent of the process of 
'internalizing' more and more aspects of the economic process by the largest 
actors.  It is reminiscent in ways of aspects of Venetian and Dutch capitalism. 
 But it is also in some senses giving way to an 'externalization' process 
epitomized by the expansion of subcontracting relations, the 'hollowing out' of 
firms of factories etc.  This is reminiscent in ways of Genoese and British 
capitalism.  The neo-liberal agenda has in ways been present during every 
'financial expansion' in that there have always been agencies seeking to pry 
open economies and turn all means of production into commodities to be traded 
transnationally.  Capitalism (or whatever) may be turning into something else, 
but I would not use these two phenomenon as evidence of such a change.

Steven Sherman 

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