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Phase One: Immediate Mobilization #2
by Adam Starr
15 March 2002 20:32 UTC
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Hello WSN World,

The debate and comments that are evolving have been
overwhelmingly positive and productive. Charles' and
Dennis' contributions have been most illuminating and
have even captured  the attention of AGF himself. Well
done guys. I think we're on to something. Lets keep it

There has also been an expressed interest by Louis,
Daniel and Fernando.To keep track of the postings,
debates, comments and suggestions I will continue to
use the title: "Phase One: Immediate Mobilization" but
begin numbering them. For all intensive perposes, this
has become 
a forum within a forum. All are invited but remeber,
lets keep it real; I would like to prevent my earlier
criticisms from emerging in such a way that
individuals might feel aliented from the discussion.
For the sake of communal participation (and who knows
where we can go), remember that the strategies for
mobilization that must be applicable in the real
world. This doesn't mean the elimination of
world-system analysis; on the contrary, it means, lets
develop a system of bringing the theory to the world.

experience + education + theory = viable strategies

Charles J.  Reid considered the origins of the
International Legal System to the Treaty of Westphalia
in 1648. From this point in time we have seen the
emergence of an international set rules implying
sovereignty, coalitions, alliances and the rise of
Napoleon. Charles went on to list several units of
analysis but perhaps the most important was WW II.

We can directly link the state of the world today from
the end of the Second World War. Charles has pointed
out four major units of analysis from this time on:
the outcome of the WW II (Bretton Woods and Marshall
Plan); the US Supreme Courts decisions favouring
corporations; the demise of the USSR; and the perfidy
of American traitors in the Whitehouse defiling
national law, abrogating treaties for war, and
building coaltions (Charles, could you expand more on
this last point please).

This brings into question the violation of
International Law. Two points of reference were given
here: the invasion of Panama (which was a direct
violation of National Sovereignty) and the war in
Afghanistan. Both of which have been in violation of
national law and international law. (this point will
be brought later with AGF's comments).

Charles goes on to suggest that an immediate
mobilization around International Law means a
coalition against the US. What is then necessary is a
world-wide non-violent movement (based upon Gandhi's
principles of non-compliance) aimed towards the
boycott of corporations. A concrete, realizable agenda
is needed based upon the access of food, health-care,
education, shelter, viable economic policies and the
rule of law (not private interests). Very Marxian.

***Damn, I'm looking at the clock (it's 12:30 PM my
time) I have a conference to go to on the subject at
hand (International Law). I will continue at 3:45 with
Dennis' and AGF's contributions coupled with my own

Until then,  Adam

Adam T. Starr
Undergraduate of Political Science, UVic
3009 Quadra Street, Victoria, British Columbia
V8T 4G2 Canada
(011) (250) 472-1223
adam@hornbyisland.com or reunitedhornby@yahoo.com

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