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Re: Defining the Islamic State
by Adam Starr
11 March 2002 20:32 UTC
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Hello WSN World,

I would have to agree with Shahijm with his comments
on armchair theorizing. Let me begin by saying that I
do have immense respect for the amount of time that
many of you have spent in your fields of research but
I find myself constantly astounded with some of the
comments I read and realize more and more how much of
a bubble the academia can live in.

I am amazed when the grand-father of World Systems
Theory asks questions concerning the "influx of
cotton" as part of a transforming economy during the
18th century. Was this question for real?

I have the experience of living and working in some of
the poorest countries in the world (in particular,
Cambodia). I have attended seminars, spoken to both
academics and diplomats within various aid projects
and was continually reminded how the vision of
development was constantly at odds with reality of
poverty. In the end, when it appears as though several
hundred thousand dollars are waisted on needs
assessments and purchase of technology that was
apparently inappropriate, the blaim is always put upon
the very people the programs were intended to help.
Yet, high salaries for importing development
"experts", several brand new white Land Rovers, and
exotic villas for residences some how were not taken
into consideration for expenses. 

This is the world we live. Academics have decided the
to neglect the realities of situtations due to the
fact that they have spent years within an institution
and given a piece of paper stating they are an expert.
The human reality of development is forgotten with
ethnocentric ascendence of academia over life

To draw a parallel with the debates that happen on
line with WSN, in the end it is quite apparent that
many of you have never stood side by side with the
poorest of the world and somehow pretend that you
understand their plight and point a finger at the rich
bourgosie saying it's their fault!!! 

Hell, we are all active participants in this global
economy whether we like it or not. If we drive a car,
if we purchase fruit, wear shoes,clothing or spend
time on a computer participating in an on-line debate.
One way or another, we are contributing to the plight
of the poor (including the Afghan people) yet we
debate over definitions.

I know what I have written might all sound one sided
(even head strong) and offers no real solutions.
Perhaps if there's one thing the World Systems
community should do is get back in touch with the
world. Rather than debate, analyze, and sound smart,
lets start looking at and discussing firm policies or
solutions. Theory is getting old, and do any of us
really want the neo-liberals to dictate the outcome of
our (in the sense of the human race) current world
crisis? I for one don't.


Adam T. Starr
Undergraduate of Political Science, UVic
3009 Quadra Street, Victoria, British Columbia
V8T 4G2 Canada
(011) (250) 472-1223
adam@hornbyisland.com or reunitedhornby@yahoo.com

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