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Re: Israel
by Danny Dayus
09 March 2002 17:55 UTC
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The USA government website www.usaid.gov, says that around $1.2 billion
is given in "economic support funds" to Israel per year (abou $250 per

Since 1948, this total add up to $60 billion.  Inflation adjusted, this
is $100 billion, but since this is in effect borrowed from the USA
taxpayer, this sum should be rather more than that. 

Israel also receives grants, loans and donations from diaspora Jews. In
the US, donations to the united Jewish Israel's infrastructure, are
considered charity donations and as such are tax-free. 

Given that the USA spends $6 billion annually on drug enforcement, this
gives some indication of the priority that the war on drugs has in
relation to the war on poverty for its Israeli friends.

Danny Dayus

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I am not 100% sure, but on a per capita basis, Israel would be number
one. As I mentioned, their population is less than 10% of Egypt's
population. So I would guess that on a per capita basis, the military
and total aid to Israel far outstrips that of Egypt.  But rather than
trust my surmises, it might be better to get the official numbers. They
shouldn't be too hard to find. The CIA actually has a very useful
website with lots of information--I suspect the official amounts should
not be too hard to uncover from various U.S. government websites.

Alan S.


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Subject: Re: Israel

> At 20:26 08/03/02 -0600, you wrote:
> >My understanding, perhaps wrong, is that Egypt is the largest 
> >official recipient and Israel (with less than one tenth the
> >is second.
> Total, or per capita?  I'd be surprised if Israel were not the largest

> recipient of aid in per capita terms.
> And, of course, the major portion of the Egyptian aid is directly due 
> to the Camp David accords, and is therefore dedicated to buying Israel

> peace on its southern front.
> Virtually,
> Bruce McFarling, New Lambton, NSW
> ecbm@cc.newcastle.edu.au

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