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General Information?
by Adam Starr
10 February 2002 18:36 UTC
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> My name is Adam T. Starr. I am currently completing
my undergraduate degree in Political Science and
Sociology at the University of Victoria. My research
has mainlt focussed upon International Relations and
Development Issues. As of yet, I have not chosen my
graduate studies, but plan to work as a voluntee in
Development over the next couple of years.
> My undergraduate research and studies have been
greatly influenced by Andre Gunder Frank and Immanuel
Wallerstein. Especially in my research of Cambodia as
well as other Southeast Asian countries.
> As I am new to your network, naturally I am little
shy and lack the self confidence to contribute to the
vast array of scholars that presently give their
thoughts. I would like to know more about how one goes
about contributing this network as well as finding out
information regarding conferences and symposiums
concerning world-system and dependency theory.
> Thank you for your time,
> Adam T. Starr

Adam T. Starr
Undergraduate of Political Science, UVic
3009 Quadra Street, Victoria, British Columbia
V8T 4G2 Canada
(011) (250) 472-1223
adam@hornbyisland.com or reunitedhornby@yahoo.com

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