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unequal exchange
by Jürgen Lipke
05 February 2002 08:24 UTC
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Dear Mr. Kohler (and other WSN members),

after I had read your paper on the structure of global money and since I liked 
your idea of quantification of unequal exchange, I decided to write my master 
thesis in geography on that topic. 
I am very interested in the whole sphere of the world system and I think your 
approach very valuable and hope it will bring the issue of unequal exchange a 
new impetus.
But I have the following questions:
1)      How is the PPP related to the terms of trade? From my point of view the 
commodity terms of trade regarding primary goods are an additional factor of 
unequal exchange, because they are paid in dollar. For processed goods the 
income level/ exchange rate plays a role and thus they are included in your 
estimation of unrecorded transfer. (?) 
2)      Isn't there a feedback of the unrecorded transfer T to the PPP? If e.g. 
the domestic economy profits from T, its PPP will increase and thus the value 
of T becomes too low after your formula. 
This effect will be very low and negligible for countries with small distortion 
factors and share of exchange, especially seen that it is just an estimation. 
But for countries with high export shares and distortion factors it might have 
a greater impact.
3)      Is there any further research on your theory, any new knowledge or 
critique on it? (I only know your paper "The Structure of Global Money and 
World Tables..." in: Journal of World System Research Fall 1998)

I would be very grateful for any answer and advice or hint that you could give 


Juergen Lipke

Department of Geographical Sciences 
Free University Berlin - Germany

berlin.de - meine stadt im netz. Jetzt eigene eMail-adresse @berlin.de sichern!

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