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JWSR Special Issue on Global Inequality - Part I
by Journal of World-Systems Research
24 January 2002 22:22 UTC
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        Journal of World-Systems Research
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   Special Issue on Global Inequality - Part I
 edited by Albert J. Bergesen and Michelle Bata

        Volume VIII, Number 1, Winter 2002


Michelle Bata and Albert J. Bergesen
    Global Inequality:  An Introduction

Salvatore J. Babones
    Population and Sample Selection Effects in
    Measuring International Income Inequality

Linda Beer and Terry Boswell
    The Resilience of Dependency Effects in
    Explaining Income Inequality in the Global
    Economy: A Cross National Analysis, 1975-1995

Paul S. Ciccantell and Stephen G. Bunker
    International Inequality in the Age of
    Globalization: Japanese Economic Ascent and
    the Restructuring of the Capitalist World-Economy

Volker Bornschier
    Changing Income Inequality in the Second Half
    of the 20th Century: Preliminary Findings and
    Propositions for Explanations

Albert J. Bergesen and Michelle Bata
    Global and National Inequality: Are They Connected?

The Journal of World-Systems Research is an electronic
journal dedicated to scholarly research on the modern
world-system and earlier. It is intentionally
interdisciplinary in focus.

Volume VIII, Number 1 of JWSR was published under the
sponsorship of the Institute for Research on World-Systems
at UC Riverside, the Center for Global, International,
and Regional Studies, and the Division of Social Sciences
at UC Santa Cruz. Additional funding for Volume VIII,
Number 1 by Global Hegemonics.

Journal of World-Systems Research:

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