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by enric bas
17 January 2002 17:45 UTC
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dear Seyed,
for me ignorance is not the absence of certain knowledge but the hostile
attitude to learn different things and the other´s points of view; is an
attitude, a behaviour, not a circumpstance. So, please, you should not
name yourself ignorant only because you don´t know spanish!!!

the title translation of the Luckman´s book would be (literally):
"Religion and the social condition of the modern consciousness"

...what I don´t know :-) is if it was published in english with this
exact title or it changed a little bit; anyway maybe I could try to look
for the original in english if you need it.
hope it will help,
"..lento viene el futuro,convaleciente y lento, remordido,
soberbio, modestísimo, ese experto futuro que inventamos
nosotros y el azar; cada vez más nosotros y menos el azar..."
                      Mario BENEDETTI
Enric BAS
PhD. Prof. of Social Forecasting.
Dpt. of Sociology II. University of Alicante.
P.O.BOX 99. E-03080. Alicante. Spain
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