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Re: Benefits of Globalization? Dear Paul
by moh yasir alimi
30 March 2001 22:46 UTC
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Dear Paul,
I agree with you that globalization could give
economic benefits. However,I want to argue that
generally these benefits and welfare are limited to
male smale elites. A recent research in The University
of Hull where I studied, proves that globalization
does not give benefits to British white women. In the
national project of "white paper", their access to
education is emphasised in order to make globalization
works for women. But in the research it is found that
women are educated just to be cheap labour needed in
the globalisation.

Another example. In Britain, some flowers sold in
supermarkets are actually from Africa. In Africa,
these flowers, used in Britain as language of love and
respect, are planted and maintained under "an unhuman
condition". Because, unhealthy and poisonous chemicals
dangerous for human body are used. What I want to say
is that in globalization, poor workers give more than
what they receive. they have less economic  advantages
than the disadvantages.

Thank you


--- ".paul riesz" <priesz@itn.cl> wrote: > Dear
> In your latest posting you comment:
> "Fruits of globalization'?  The destruction of the
> environment?  The
> waste of our few remaining fossil fuels?  The
> enslavement of the South
> by the IMF?  The loss of our sovereignty to
> corporate bureaucracies?  An
> accelerating pattern of military interventionism by
> the US and the EU?"
> This does not seem to be based on an objective
> analysis, since:
> The basic idea of globalization, that countries
> should export part of
> the goods, which they can produce cheaper than
> elsewhere and import
> others, for which they have few if any comparative
> advantages MUST
> produce economic benefits for both sides. It can and
> should be carried
> out WITHOUT any of the harmful practices you
> mention.
> You should have taken the time to read the later
> part of my original
> posting, where I suggest:
> "The pioneering country might also want to invite
> foreign investments in
> selected sectors, where such investments offer both
> a lot of well paying
> jobs and other benefits for the country and good
> profitability for the
> investors.  Conditions on decent and slowly growing
> wages, workers
> protection and on safeguarding the environments
> could be established in
> the invitation or could be negotiated."
> Regards         Paul

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