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ILO publication: World Labour

by Mine Aysen Doyran

23 March 2000 06:58 UTC


                    World Labour Report 1997-98
                    Industrial relations, democracy and social stability
                    ISBN 92-2-110331-5 (English)
                    ISBN 92-2-210331-9 (French)
                    ISBN 92-2-310331-2 (Spanish)
                    Sw.Frs. 45, $40, £24

                    Traditionally, relations among employers and their associations, workers through their trade unions, and sometimes the public authorities have performed an economic function: ensuring a harmonious balance in production and the distribution of the fruits of growth. They also have two other objectives that were less apparent in the past : a social objective (ensuring that everyone who wishes to work is integrated into civil society) and a democratic objective (giving workers their say in professional life). More recently, there has been  trend towards greater independence of enterprises and more individualized labour relationships. The ability of occupational organizations to act is being questioned, union membership is down, employers associations are
facing difficulties, and the usefulness of collective bargaining is being challenged. The result - the disruption and marginalization of industrial relations.

                    World Labour Report 1997-98 examines the relevance and limits of the social forces that are bringing about these  profound changes in industrial relations. It outlines conclusions that are significant today and prospects for the
 future. The Report draws attention to a whole range of mechanisms that govern relations between employers and the organized workforce. It provides a reflection of the effort that has been made to adapt the structures, venues,  and strategies to the new economic reality and to its international dimension.


Mine Aysen Doyran
PhD Student
Department of Political Science
SUNY at Albany
Nelson A. Rockefeller College
135 Western Ave.; Milne 102
Albany, NY 12222

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