Human nature, socio-ecological conditions and neo-conservative a

Mon, 28 Apr 1997 17:29:13 +1000 ("")

Andrew Wayne Austin has done a great job during the past days to
explain the conceptual differences between nature and humans. It's
pretty difficult for me to understand what this discussion is all
about - unless I refer it to the political arena and, then, of course
this debate presents an aspect of the general debate about who
defines what is right and what is wrong. Or who has the power to do

Neo-conservatism - as a German citizen I may be permitted to say that
I sometimes feel it's pretty close to fascism - neo-conservatism
covers up the socio-ecological human condition in favor of something
which is hard to define because it is not spelled out in detail. I
wonder what this strategy is all about.

I am not willing to constantly repeat sociological and
anthropological knowledge only because some people show up and tell
us that's all wrong without presenting alternative and empirically
substantiated views.

Sorry for this comment, but some of the arguments by
neo-conservatists which I read the past days really made me angry.
They're wrong, and they know it because they know their hidden agenda
better than we do.

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