Re: human nature (short & final)

Sun, 27 Apr 1997 22:06:30 +0100
Richard K. Moore (

4/27/97, Andrew Wayne Austin wrote:
>If the term "human" is meant to distinguish people from
>other biological systems, you see, then those things which are human must
>be unique from other animals

You're not talking about "human nature", you're trying to compute the
difference "human nature" minus "animal nature". The nature of a square is
first and foremost rectangle-hood: equal sides is an _additional_
characteristic. Human nature may be, say, 50% the same as chimpanzee
nature, but ALL of it is human nature. Otherwise eating and sleeping and
walking are not part of human nature - and I find that an absurd notion,
and totally useless in discussing what people are about.

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