I'm an italian student writing a dissertation on WSA

Sat, 26 Apr 1997 22:33:59 +0200
Gilda Esposito (gilda@cdh.it)

My name is Gilda Esposito. I'm an italian student at the faculty of
Political Science at The Public University of Milano. I'm writing a
dissertation on World-System Analysis, specifically on the work of Mr
Wallerstein and the Fernand Braudel Center.
I will write you briefly what my dissertation is about and structured:
1)The marxist approach to imperialism:classic marxism; Lenin; Rosa
Luxemburg; Hilderfing and Bucharin;
2)Fernand Braudel and the Annales school
3) the Seventies and the rise of new global analysis: Unequal Development
(Emmanuel) The dependencia theory.
4) The World-System Analysis and the Fernand Braudel Center: twenty years of
researching and work in progress. Special attention on the pattern of
development of the capitalist world-system since XVI century. Report on an
Intellectal Project: commodification, axial division of labor, geoculture,
cicles of hegemonies;
5)Rewriting world history: "The Modern World-System" by Wallerstein; "The
Long Twentieth Century" by Arrighi;
6) The World-system in crisis: our present time in the world-system
perspective. Urss and Usa "friends as foes", the Yalta Order, the rise of
anti-systemic movoments in the so called third world. The end of the
socialist bloc. The fall of US hegemony: is there a crisis of hegemony or a
crisis of the whole system? Previsions about the middle run future.
7) Other WSA rather than Wallersetin's. Three examples on the continuum:
Braudel-Amin-Gunder Frank(and Gills).
8) A case-study: the rise of East Asia.
I'd appreciate so much if any of you could give me some advice and suggest
me a bibliografy especially on the geopolitical shift of power from the West
to East Asia. It should be so important to me if you can help me. I know I'm
only a 24 years old student but it's more than a year that I'm studing hard
to get into your perspective. As you can easily imagine our educational
system in Italy is very old and out of date. This is my personal interest
and I cannot ask almost to anybody in my country.Long life to Internet
than!!! I'm particulary interested on the following subjects:
a)Is capitalist mode of production the devil of our time or unequal
development and distribution of goods has always been unfair and will ever be?
b) how can US hegemony fall down if they still remain the first military
power for a very long time in the future?
c)How can Islam incarne a menace to western core countries if they still
fight among themselves so cruely? Does a unique Islam exist? I think, it's
my personal opinion that it exists a "West" or a "North" but many Souths and
many Easts. Do you agree with me?
d) I think you might know what's happening in Albania at the moment and how
this is a huge probleme of manouvre to my country. A lot of us don't want
the italian soldiers to go to Albania because that could represent a sort of
new italian colonialism of the last moment. I think Albania and all of the
Albanian boat people (thy are estimated to be around 15 thousands)are a
clear sign that the struggle between North and South won't be with weapons
but with unlegal immigration. Do you agrre that immigration will be the
first problem on the agenda of Western countries for the next future?
I hope you will help me in my work. I'd appreciate so much and will be
grateful for ever.
Best wishes and regards
Yours sincerely Gilda Esposito