Re: Correction: Re: China and war

Mon, 21 Apr 1997 18:02:24 -0700
Christian Harlow (

David Lloyd-Jones wrote:
> I was confused the other day and suggested that Andy Austin could not be
> trusted with a five dollar bill in a supermarket if he were as gullible to
> the bread and soap folks as I had thought he had shown himself toward the
> weapons and systems sellers.
> Good rocket, wrong target. Richard K. Moore is the person whose
> gullibillity I wanted to mock.
> Austin's epistemological feebleness is so totally debilitating that I am
> glad he is spared Moore's problem.
> -dlj.

I am about sick of the personal attacks and vacuous postings that DLJ is
continuing to subject us all to...there comes a point when the automatic
delete option becomes tiresome also. The onus of responsibility should
be on him to stop the B.S. I suggest that if he can't stay on the
subject matter or at least maintain some type scholastic integrity,
whereby he focuses on ideas rather than individuals, then he should be