Re: China and war

Mon, 21 Apr 1997 14:48:38 -0400
David Lloyd-Jones (

Richard K. Moore <> writes:

>But of course the US would not attack "out of the blue" - any more than
>did in Iraq

I think this shows great inventivity around the word "attack."

The United States, France, Britain -- and even an offshore supply ship, and
maybe a frigate, from Canada -- defended the arguably artificial state of
Kuwait from its invasion by the bungling Iraqi bunch.

The attack was by Iraq. The defence was by the US, et alii.

To call the US action an "attack" is a simple lie.

Whether such a lie comes from simple self-deception on Richard's part, from
a culture in which differences as clear as "attack" and "defend" have
become indistinguishable, or ... or what?? The word "egregious" is all I
have handy.


BTW, Chag semeach l'Pesach to all.