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FERRO, MARC. 1997. _Colonization: A Global History_. Translated from the
French by K. D. Prithipaul. World Heritage Studies in Colonialism, 1.
St-Hyacinthe, Quebec: World Heritage Press. xiv + 402 pp.

Marc Ferro's _Colonization: A Global History is a wide-ranging comparative
perspective account of one of the most significant themes in recent
history. Uniquely, Ferro considers European (including Russian), Japanese,
Turkish and Arab colonization. He emphasizes ex-colonial views, and does
not subscribe to the orthodox view that the history of colonization is
necessarily followed by the history of the struggle of the people for
their independence. He examines the impact on decolonization of other
factors, such as globalization.

_Colonization: A Global History_ is also unusual in giving prominence to
the social and cultural dimensions of colonialism. Ferro analyses the new
types of societies and economies brought about by colonization. He
considers, for example, the impact of colonization in areas such as
education and medicine.

Ferro's richly textured overview offers a stimulating range of
perspectives on a topic of considerable significance. It will be of
interest to those researching and studying all aspects of colonization and



1 Colonization or Imperialism
2 The Initiatives
3 Conflicts for an Empire
4 A New Race of Societies
5 Rose-Coloured Legend and Pitch-Black Legend
6 The Vision of the Vanquished
7 The Movements for Settler-Independence
8 Leaven and Levers
9 Independence or Revolution
10 Liberation or Decolonization
11 Decolonization Halted
Filmographic selection



Marc Ferro is Director of Studies at the Ecole Pratique des Hautes
Etudes in Paris. He is the author of many books, including _The Great
War_ (1987), and is a pioneer in the study of history and the cinema.



A volume in the World Heritage Studies in Colonialism

ISBN 1-896064-04-3 (hb) US$69.95
ISBN 1-896064-02-7 (pb) US$29.95

Publication date: April, 1997

Pages: xiv + 402


PRAISE for _Colonization: A Global History_

"It is wonderful to have at last a truly comprehensive history of modern
colonialism, from the sixteenth century to today and on all the
continents. Ferro's book is a timely reminder of an unfinished saga whose
history has been determinative of our present and future."

Immanuel Wallerstein, Binghamton University

"A lively and fascinating synthesis dealing with a major theme in the
history of the world. Studiously avoiding the pitfalls of Eurocentrism,
the author casts his net wide and his coverage is far more extensive
than in any comparable work."

Geoffrey Scammell, University of Cambridge

"An extraordinarily adventurous work, in many respects almost a global
history of the making of the modern world."

Andrew Porter, University of London


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