Re: complete logical refutation (was: China?)

Wed, 9 Apr 1997 07:03:26 -0400 (EDT)
Andrew Wayne Austin (


Your analysis is idealist and seriously flawed logically and empirically.
The Coastal region of China is heavily capitalized, with transnationals
sinking billions of dollars into the region. The current power struggle
internal to China is over state bureaucrats controlling the central
regions and TNCs controlling the east both seeking to see who will rise
from the shift from state to market capitalism. U.S. policies, and the
policies of the globalizers, are being designed to make sure that the
Eastern market capitalist development triumphs. As for your claims that
evangelicals are seeking to enter the fray: first, you have to show
significant linkages between organized Christian groups and U.S. state
*and* transnational orgs and policy practices vis-a-vis China. Second, you
have to show that those Christian organizations who are deeply involved
and leading the movement have as their primary interests Christianization
(we know for a fact that major U.S. evangelical movements are hard core
capitalist and have ties to right wing conservative-nationalist and global
neofascist forces). Third, you have to show that if one and two are
correct that they both outweigh specific market capitalization processes
currently underway in China. And finally, you have to show why any degree
of religious group involvement would weigh more than world-historical
material and economic forces. Based on fact and theory you cannot meet any
these burdens, particularly the last one which boils down to the
difference between fantasy and reality.

Andrew Austin