Re: Compendium of errors in logic.

Fri, 04 Apr 1997 05:24:26 -0500
David Lloyd-Jones (

Bruce R. McFarling wrote:

> > Finally, the fact that one is a "suspicious soul"does not ipso facto
> > preordain that everything one examines will turn out wrong. Suspicion
> > is for many people a useful attribute in finding what is correct, good,
> > sound and beautiful.
> Again, I said that suspecting is something that suspicious souls
> do. I think tha tin categorical terms, that's pretty close to accurate.
> Whether or no this would lead to a correct, good, sound, and beautiful
> assessment of what dlj is up to, I leave for the members of the list to
> judge.

But this was not the question: the question was the validity, not the
correctness, of the argument. (Had my correctness been in question I
suspect that Bruce might have found a way of attacking it without all
this illogical indirection and suggestion.)

Ar least we are agreed that it is up to the list to judge -- but it is
Bruce's reasoning and argument that I submit for the judging.