Re: Sub-Saharan Africa

Sat, 29 Mar 1997 18:30:42 +0000
Karl Carlile (

KARL: Hi!I go along with you Francis on this one. I get this kind of racist
stuff all the time.

Do yourself have any explanation to offer as to why tropical Africa
is so "underedeveloped"?

> I doubt if the rate of profit and exploitable resorces are high enough in
> this region to attract private capital.

what a remarkable statement! it combines an odious combination of
ignorance and arrogance that is a grotesque legacy of the Victorian
era. the notion that africa --whose enourmous natural resources have
been plundered for centuries-- does not have "expoiltable resources"
is one of the most vicious myths spread by racists while they
were busy looting. it is extremely disturbing to see this forum
being used as a conduit this kind of disinformation.

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