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For your information, I am forwarding the program of next month's
annual meeting of the Society for Spanish and Portuguese Historical
Studies. I received the document from Jesus Cruz of the University
of Delaware, the program chairperson. He informs me that there may
be some slight modifications in the final program which will be
distributed at the meeting.
Jack Owens, Idaho State University <>

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Date: Thu, 20 Mar 97 10:15 EST
Subject: SSPHS Program


28th Annual Meeting - Minneapolis - April 24-27, 1997

Thursday, April 24

Welcome Reception, ca. 6:00 - 9.00

Friday, April 25

8:45-10:15 Two Sessions
1) Iberian Women in Historical Perspective
Chair and Commentator: Sandie Holguin, University of Oklahoma
Alain Saint-Saens, Dowling College, "Physical Violence and Verbal Abuse against
Hermitesses in Early Modern Spain"
Constance Sullivan, University of Minnesota, "Toward a Biography of Josefa
Amar y Borbon: The Early Years."
Anne Cova, Universidade Aberta, Lisbon, "Women under the Portuguese New

2) Esthetics and Culture in Modern Spain
Chair: James D'Emilio, University of Southern Florida
Jody Brotherson, Lousiana Tech University, "Arthur Byne: An American Architect
in Spain"
Allan M. Hing, The Atlanta College of Art, "Rafael Moneo - Merida, Madrid and
Palma Museums"

10:15-10:30 Coffee

10:30-12:00 Two Sessions

1) Women, Politics, and Spirituality in Early Modern Spain
Chair and Commentator: Jodi Bilinkoff, University of North Carolina,
Luis Corteguera and Sherry Velasco, University of Kansas, "Authority in the
Margin: Reexamining the Autograph Letters of Sor Maria de Agreda and Philip IV"
Maria Pilar Manero Sorolla, Universidad Central de Barcelona, "Poder real y
autoridad femenina: las cartas de Maria de Agreda al rey Felipe IV"
Carole Slade, Columbia University, "'Que se me da a a mi de los reyes': Teresa
de Jesus and Felipe II"

2) Historical Memory and National Identity in Modern Spain
Chair and Commentator: Pamela Radcliff, UCSD
Carolyn P. Boyd, University of Texas at Austin, "'Statue-mania' in Nineteenth
Century Spain"
Brian D. Bunk, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 'The Study of History and
Memory in 20th Century Spain"
Jose Alvarez Junco, Tufts University, "Nationalism and 'Virility' in 1900

12:00-1:00 Lunch


Plenary Session
Antonio Costa Pinto, ISCTF, Universidade de Lisboa, "Is the European Union
Re-making Iberia? Luso-Spanish Relations in the 20th Century."

2:00-2:15 Coffee

2:15-3:45 Two Sessions

1) Religious Identities in 17th Century Spain and Portugal
Chair and Commentator: Allison Poska
Miriam Bodian, University of Michigan, "Burned at the Stake: The Martyrdom
Literature of the Converso Diaspora as Counter-Statement"
Thomas Dandelet, Bard College, "Celestial Heroes and the Splendor of Iberia:
Spanish Saint-Making in Baroque Rome, 1588-1690"
Susan Laningham Smith, University of Arkansas, "Authority and Convent life in
Early Seventeenth Century Spain"
Scott Taylor, University of Virginia, "Masculinity, Ignatius of Loyola, and
the Catholic Reformation"

2) Aspects of Medieval Spain
Chair: Lorraine Attreed
James D'Emilio, University of South Florida, "The Formation of the Parish in
Early Medieval Galicia"
Theresa M. Vann, Hill Monastic Manuscript Library, "The Recapture of Toledo
(1085) Considered as a Proto-Crusade"
James Powers, College of Holly Cross, "Trial by Combat and Municipal Freedom
in Twelfth- and Thirteenth-Century Iberia"
Commentator: Francisco Garcia-Serrano, Saint Louis University at Madrid

3:45-4:00 Coffee

4:00-5:30 Two Sessions

1) Iberian Economy and Society, 1350-1700
Chair and Commentator: Francis A. Dutra, UCSB
Martin M. Elbl, "Jewish Merchants, Religious Politics and Business Competition
in Late Medieval Majorca"
Darlene Abreu-Ferreira, University of Toronto, "Excluded but not Secluded:
Women in the Maritime Economy of Early-Modern Portugal"
Sabino Lizana Fernandez, European University Institute of Florence, "Los
hombres de negocios portugueses en la encrucijada economica de los anos
1650-1665 en Castilla: La Renta del Tabaco"

2) Church and Society in the Early Modern Hispanic World
Chair and Commentator: Alain Saint-Saens, Dowling College
Sean T. Perrone, University of Wisconsin, Madison, "The Castilian Assembly of
the Clergy in the Sixteenth Century"
Oscar Mazin Gomez, El Colegio de Michoacan, "The Cathedral Chapter of
Valladolid, Michoacan in the 'Forgotten' Century of Historiography"
Valentina Tikoff, Indiana University, "Assisted Transitions: Young People in
the Charitable Institutions of Seville during the Eighteenth and Early
Nineteenth Centuries"

6:30-8:00 Dinner at the Calhoun Beach Club (time tentative)
7:30-9:00 Dessert and coffee at the home of William and Carla Phillips

Saturday, April 26

9:00-10:30 Two Sessions

1) Old Empire, New Regime: Rethinking the Spanish Colonial Project
Chair: Christopher Schmidt-Nowara, Stanford University
Christopher Schmidt-Nowara, Stanford University,"Amargo comercio: Slavery,
Colonialism, and the Spanish Bourgeoisie in the Nineteenth Century"
Javier Morillo-Alicea, University of Michigan, "Demystifying Spanish Empire in
Contemporary Colonial Studies"
John Tone, Georgia Institute of Technology, "Frascuelo versus Edison? Spanish
Nationalism in 1898"
Commentator: Josep Maria Fradera, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona

2) Status and Strategies Among Late Medieval and Early Modern Portuguese
Chair and Commentator: Bill Donovan, Loyola College
Jose M. Valente, UCSB, "The Templars in Portugal: 1128-1320"
Ivana Elbl, Trent University, "Overseas Expansion and Social Mobility in Late
Medieval Portugal"
Francis A. Dutra, UCSB, "Medical Practitioners and the Portuguese Order of

10:30-10:45 Coffee

10:45-12:15 Two Sessions

1) Educating Aristocrats, Royals, and Rogues: Ideals and Practices of Medieval
and Early Modern Education
Chair and Commentator: Sara Nalle, William Patterson College
Mark D. Johnston, Illinois State University, "'Letradura y caballeria': An
Ideal of Aristocratic Education, from Llull to Baena"
Anne J. Cruz, University of Illinois, Chicago, "Cristobal Perez de Herrera's
*Amparo de pobres* and Educational Reform"
Martha K. Hoffman-Strock, Brooklyn College, "The Practice of Royal Education
at the Spanish Court, 1601-16034"

2) Liberal Crises, Spanish Solution Politics and Culture in
Fin-de-Siecle Spain
Chair: Dan Crews, Central Missouri State University
Geoff Jensen, University of Southern Mississippi, "Cultural Despair, Military
Rhetoric, and the Making of Modern Nationalism in *Fin-de-Siecle* Spain"
Eric Storm, University of Groningen, "The Social Question and the Crisis of
Liberalism Political Thought in Spain Around 1890"
Joshua Goode, UCLA, "The Spanish Nose, Head and Soul: Racial definitions of
the Spaniard in a Comparative Perspective, 1894 and 1923"
Commentator: Charles J. Fleener, Saint Louis University

12:30-1:30 Lunch


Plenary Session
Hilario Casado Alonso, Universidad de Valladolid, "Los Bernuy: la trayectoria
de una familia de comerciantes, siglos XIV-XIX."


Business Meeting
Afternoon and evening free

Sunday, April 27

9:00-10:30 Two Sessions

1) Economic Change and Social Relations in the Iberian World
Chair and Commentator: Jesus Cruz, University of Delaware
Luciano Amaral, European University Institute of Florence, "'Proximate'
Sources of Economic Growth in Portugal: a Growth Accounting Study of the
Portuguese Economy (1951-1973)"
Rob van Veggel, University of Chicago, "The Muleteers of Miravet (Tarragona)
and their Social and material Space"
Marcelo Borges, Northern Illinois University, "'Maria vae com as outras': The
Role of Social Networks in the Emigration from Algarve to Argentina"

2) Las Mendoza
Chair: Constance Mathers, Virginia Union University
Cristian Berco, University of Arizona, "Mayorazgo: The Illicit Aspects of
Personal Power"
Grace Coolidge, Indiana University, "Choosing Her Own Buttons: The
Guardianship of Dona Magdalena de Bobadilla"
Stephanie Fink, University of Arizona, "Maria Pacheco and the Construction of
Mendoza Identity"
Commentator: Gwen Barnes-Karol, St. Olaf College

10:30-10:45 coffee

10:45-12:15 Two Sessions

1) Power Relations and Propaganda in the Court of the Spanish Habsburgs
Chair and Commentator: David Ringrose, University of California, San Diego
Patricia Lopes Don, San Jose State University, "This event having no other
like it": From a Function in the Spanish Habsburg *Entrada*, 1570-1640"
Antonio Feros, New York University, "A Web of Patrons and Clients: Political
Clientelism and the Monarchy in Early modern Spain"
Elizabeth R. Wright, Johns Hopkins University, "Pilgrimage to Patronage: Lope
de Vega and the Royal Wedding of 1599"

2) Ideologies, Politics, and War in Spain, 1920-1945
Chair: George Esenwein, University of Florida
Robert A. Tyree, "Joaquin Maurin and the Democratic Revolution in
Michael Seidman, University of North Carolina, Wilmington, "Quiet Fronts in
the Spanish Civil War"
Antonio Cazorla, York University, "What should we do with the
*Caciques*?: Old Politics in the Francoist New State"
Commentator: Robert H. Whealey, Ohio University

12:15 Conference ends