Re: w-s critique of po-mo

Sat, 08 Mar 1997 21:10:12 -0500
David Lloyd-Jones ( asks:
> Among my peers (I am a Ph.D. candidate in history), postmodern theory
> is the rage. Culture, gender, the body, and the psyche are
> preferred topics whose treatment seems to ignore social-economic
> foundations. I feel most comfortable with Marxist-Braudel-Wallerstein
> style, yet I appreciate much about my peers' approach. I would like to
> hear w-s critiques of postmodernism in order to have a better idea about
> its merits and pitfalls. Also, could anyone recommend an article
> critiquing postmodernism from a w-s perspective?


W-S and po-mo are agreed on the Fundamental Proposition(tm) that
Everything is Related to Everything.

To suggest otherwise would obviously be otherwise. And vice versa.

My suggestion to you would be that if you want to critique a particular
assertion you do it on the basis of fact; if you wish to criticise any
school, ridicule is probably the best weapon. Using one school to
attack another school would be like attacking a creampuff with donuts,
woonit now?