challenge accepted, but...

Mon, 3 Mar 1997 20:20:19 -0500 (EST)
A. Gunder Frank (

Bill you want DATA and CRITERIA.
A while ago you asked me to send you my entiure Mauscript, and I did.
Its 150,000 words long in about 600 double space pages long.-not counting
the "theoretical" introduction and conclusion, which discuss
what the "point" is that Salvatore asked for - some 400 pp supply tons of
data, which are selected according to criteria also spelled out therin PLUS
the practical criterion of availability.

It would not be practical for me to reproduce thejm all here, nor would it
be practical for anyone to try to so assimilate any such.

What maybe IS practical is for you to look in the table of contents
and to select data among those it refers to according to YOUR own
criteria, and then to look those up in the Ms and/or to ask me for them,
and if it is practical for me to do so, I will e-mail those or some of
them to you.

In case someone else is on the same empirical bent as Bill - and few of us
are likely ever to be as empirically proficient as he - i suppose the
practical procedure wqould be to ask me for the table of contents, for me
to e-mail that to her/him/them, and then to proceed as above [except that
i cant send the whole Ms to everybody!

Now in re innovation, particularly in technology,my chapter 4 has a long
section on Eurasian technology comparisons and relations that disputes
the alleged European advantage and advance [and on two other nets i
have been disputing back and forth about the alleged role of the
17th century scientific revolution in Europe: summary - its existence
itself is doubtful and even insofar as there was any, it had NO
impact whatesoever on technolgy before 1870 -- and i could forward
parts of this discussion to those who so request to me --

and my chapter 5 has an explicit critique of Modelski & Thompson's - as i argue
quite unfounded and even by them contradicted - claim that the locus of
tech innovation moved from China to South Europe soon after 1250. But Bill
at least has heard that from me before. In sum: Balderdash, as Bill would
say that gunder might say.

what else?