Re: transnational integration and national disintegration

Mon, 17 Feb 1997 18:58:06 +0800

Dear Arno Tausch,

To get things going, why not stick your neck out and give us the basic
theoretical argument or provocation?

Elson E. Boles

At 10:23 AM 2/17/97 +0100, you wrote:
>To all receivers of the WSN interested in a substantial debate about world
>system theories and especially those on the brink of unsubscribing the
>I'd like to tell you that my discettes together with a hard copy are
underway to
>Chris Chase Dunn, and I hope the technicians in Colorado and in Baltimore
>be able to offer to you early on my re-analysis of Osvaldo Sunkel's
>analysis, published over a quarter of a century ago; with new data about
>capitalist world development in 123 countries and from 1740 onwards.
>I trust that the EXCEL graphs essential for the text, as well as as
>tables containing the EXCEL regression results will be manageable at the
>I gather that the file will be made accessible via the archives available
at the
>WSN web-site
>Yours Arno Tausch