Re: Self-indulgence and WSN

Thu, 13 Feb 1997 05:08:54 -0800 (PST)
'C.Cervantes' Ryan Niman (

Pleeasseeee... Are posts that you consider "very like the ramblings of
a politically enthusiastic college student" by Danial Foss or anyone else
clogging your mail box? I doubt it. I get far more junk mail from out of
the blue then I even get from this entire list. There is any easy way to
deal with those messages you don't want. It's called 'delete.' Use it.

Besides, I must ob ject for a couple of reason:

1.) I love Daniel's posts. "Around the Bend with Mao Zedong" and "tedious
sermon instead of unappreciated serious jokes" (especially the later) are
classics. Well, maybe not "classic" a la Shakespeare but as far as email
messages go... There you go Daniel, I'd been contemplating writing to show
my appreciate but, knowing myself, I never got around to it so there you

2.) I am "a politically enthusiastic college student" and by criticizing
Daniel you have elicited "the ramblings" you see here. Ha Ha! This is
the real "ramblings of a politically enthusiastic college student." No
stuffy college prof. with a book deal imitating the real thing here.
Nosirreebob. Although here in the International Studies department of the
U-Dub we'd prefer to be called "Interntionally" enthusiastic. This is to
distinquish ourselves from the Political Science department people who
consider themselves too good for history and thus don't like us or the
History department. Of course, then there are the Economics people who
hate to hear terms like "capitol inflow" and "family structure" anywhere
in the same paper. And I won't even mention the Sociology or Anthropology

So in conclusion I must disagree with Mark. I think that
the-posts-to-which-he-objects (with or without hyphens) ARE for the good
of the list and propose a vote. All in favor of keeping Daniel Foss in
our mists pelase say 'Aye.' "Aye." Oh, it looks like it is unanimous 1
to 0. You can stay! No need to go sit in the corner of the lunch room at
the nerds' table after all, Daniel. You can sit with us 'cool' people.

Ryan C. Niman (who hopes to look back on this post at sometime besides
this ungodly hour and find it makes sense)

P.S. Since I don't tend to post to this list I might as well say I just
read Wallerstein's After Liberalism. Good book. Read it. And we could
always use some "self-indulgent" (again, with or without... ah, nevermind)
wisdom from you, Wallerstein.

"What is a man,
If his chief good and market of his time
Be but to sleep and feed? A beast, no more."
-Hamlet (Act IV, Scene IV, Line 33)

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On Thu, 13 Feb 1997, Gray,Mark wrote:

> The last posting I received from this list, since subscribing again after
> a break of 4 months, was the self-indulgent musings of Daniel Foss.
> Should there not be some ground rules for the use of a common resource
> like this ? Such as...only contribute when the community served by the
> list benefits as much as (or more than) the contributor ?
> I don't want to subscribe to an internet-based therapy session or
> 'overhear' what seems very like the ramblings of a politically
> enthusiastic college student. As someone 'evesdropping' on the
> conversation of a community of researchers with something interesting to
> say, I want to have access to a mature and thought-provoking academic
> exchange.
> Mark Gray
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