Call for Papers/Conference

Wed, 5 Feb 1997 19:49:15 -0500 (EST)

I am forwarding this call for papers and conference announcement to
interested parties. There are two parts: The overall Asean conference and a
symposium on "Economic Restructuring, New Forms of Work, and Worker
Organization," which is taking place within the larger conference. Gregory
Shank, Social Justice.

Call for Papers

Theme: Nation, Region, and the Modern World

Venue: Mutiara Merdeka Hotel, Jalan Yosudarso, Pekanbaru

Asean Inter-University Seminars on Social Development

16th to 19th June 1997
Universitas Riau
Pekanbaru, Indonesia

In partnership with:

Ateneo De Manila University
National University of Singapore
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Participating Institutions

Universiti Malaya
University of San Carlos
Universiti Sarawak Malaysia
Xavier University


Copenhagen Business School
James Cook University of North Queensland
University of Sydney


Set up in 1993, the ASEAN Inter-University Seminar series aims to promote
common pursuits in exploring social issues in the ASEAN countries. This
series provides a platform for communication and contact between scholars to
facilitate the founding of collaborative research works among scholars and to
enhance mutual understanding and encourage contributions to the enrichment of
social scientific knowledge of the region.

The seminars are held in a different Asean country each time to enable
participants to experience the richness of the region. Efforts are also made
to bring attention to the peripheral regions of the member countries by
holding these seminars outside the capital cities. The Seminars are organized
in the spirit of autonomous development and regional cooperation so that
social science can flourish along with and support the advancement of the


* to encourage the development of ASEAN-based scholarship on social issues, a
necessary condition or empowerment;
* to generate valuable analysis of the critical social, economic, and
political trends within the ASEAN region;
* to create unparalleled opportunities to meet and to network, with a view to
establishing future collaborative ventures and solidarity in the interest of
justice and equity;
* to provide a forum for intellectuals from ASEAN-based universities,
government officials as well as non-government decision makers and others
concerned with the multi-faceted issues in development in the region.


The main theme for the third ASEAN Inter-University Seminars on Social
Development is Nation, Region and the Modern World. Panels will be organized
based on the following main sub-topics:

1. Re-inventing Southeast Asia: Culture, Religion and Ideology
2. Industrialization, Urban Space and Sustainable Development
3. Networks and Regional Co-operation in Development
4. Poverty and Inequality at the Turn of the Century
5. Gender, Family and Work
A. State, Politics and Strategic Relations in Asean
7. Law, Rights and Civil Society


This conference is open to:

* Academicians and scholars working on contemporary social issues in the
ASEAN region;
* Government officials;
* Private-sector executives and members of NGOs
* Other interested persons

Papers and suggestions for the organization of panels are welcomed. Papers
may be presented in English or Bahasa Indonesia/Malaysia, but all abstracts
should be in English.


For papers to be considered, an abstract of less than 250 words should be
sent to the seminar secretariat by 15 February 1997. Completed papers should
reach the secretariat by 15 April 1997. They should be submitted in the form
of one hard copy together with a diskette specifying the software used.
Notification of acceptance of paper will be sent on receipt of the abstract.
Papers should be camera-ready and should not exceed 20 pages, single spaced
on A4 size paper. Selected papers from this seminar may be included in a
future publication.








I will / will not present a paper*

Title of paper:

* Please delete whichever is inapplicable

Registration before 15 April 1997: US $ 120 _
Registration after 15 April 1997 : US $ 150 _
Student rate: US $ 50 _


The registration fee covers only tine conference papers, tea, lunch and local
transportation. The fee does not include accommodation. Should you require
accommodation, please enclose a deposit for one night's stay and specify your
room preference below.

Hotel Single Double

Mutiara Medeka US $67.20
Anom US $30.00

Dates: to

Number of nights:

I enclose a draft of US$



Method of payment: Bank drafts should be made payable to "Universitas Riau".

Please send completed registration form and payment by 15 April 1997 to:

ASEAN Seminar Secretariat
Department of Sociology
National University of Singapore
10 Ridge Crescent
Singapore 119260

Fax: (65) 777 9579
Tel.: (65) 772 611 0


Call for Papers

Symposium on

Economic Restructuring, New Forms of Work and Worker Organization

17 June 1997

to be held in conjunction with a conference of the Asean Inter-University
on Social Development hosted by:
Universitas Riau
Pekanbaru, Sumatra,

This conference is organized by a consortium of universities and institutes
including the Ateneo de Manila University, the National University of
Singapore, and the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Other participating
universities from the region include the Xavier University (Mindanao), San
Carlos University (Cebu), Universiti Sarawak Malaysia, and Universiti Malaya.
This seminar series is also supported by the participation of universities
from outside the region and they include the Copenhagen Business School,
James Cook University of North Queensland and the University of Sydney.

If you wish to present a paper on any aspect of the theme, please send an
abstract by March 1, 1 997 to either:

Hing Ai Yun
Department of Sociology
National University of Singapore
Kent Ridge Crescent
Singapore 119260
Fax: 65-7775979

Russell Lansbury
Department of Industrial Relations
University of Sydney
Sydney NSW 2006
Fax: 02-93514729

It is expected that at least 200 participants from the Asia-Pacific region
will attend. Pekanbaru is approximately 45 minutes by air from either
Singapore or Jakarta and is well served by regional airlines.