Re: eschaton deficit in the west

Tue, 14 Jan 1997 04:04:55 +0000
MA&NG Jones (

No, no. You won't get me this way -- I'm far too busy doing important
Party work to spend time moving the china around your salon :-).
Incidentally, or incidently as Americans prefer to say, I am autistic.
For instance, I was always put off the work of your Grand Masters by a
perceived eschaton deficit, but I was wrong and now I see eschaton all
over the place -- some of you (well, Daniel Foss, actually)are
positively steeped in the stuff, albeit too modest to proclaim the fact.

I read something of yours the other day which impressed me very much. I
intend to write to you at length and with due seriousness about it when
I get time, ie when I have finished the novel about Genghis-khan am I
writing (this is true) and which drew Daniel Foss to my attentioon in
the first place. But I am going platonic for the next two weeks, unless
unduly provoked. wrote:
> As a footnote, permit me to observe that the Doctress Neutopia is
> not autistic and would make a welcome addition to our little circle in
> WSN.
> Warren Wagar
> Binghamton University

Mark Jones