at first glance...

Mon, 13 Jan 97 13:42:40 CST
Daniel A. Foss (U17043@UICVM.UIC.EDU)

The notion of God saving any scientific theory seemed at first glance
very Drugged to me, but then I contextualized it with the no less bizarre
prospect of Boris Yeltsin, assuming he was neither drunk nor dying, being
the US candidate to save Russia from Communism-out-of-the-Crypt, followed
almost instantly by the US media campaign on behalf of Aleksandr Lebed as
the Man of the Hour to save Russia from Boris Yeltsin. But in the rather
mediumish term, you can only boost your ratings so much by covering the
End of the World happening elsewhere; you have got to, sometime, put on
a Special of it happening right here, and *really* peddle that airtime!
*Of course* the Revolution will be televised; the Broad Masses will
stay home and watch it whilst they are needed in the Streets, so you must
schedule the California Earthquake for the same time slot on another
network to scare them outside agian. Of course, this is already archaic
in terms of communications technology and political forms, but....

Daniel A. Foss