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Subject: wsn message on terence hopkins
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Date: January 3, 1997

From: Immanuel Wallerstein

To: World Systems Network

Subject: Terence K. Hopkins

It is with a grievous heart that I announce to you the
passing of Terence Kilbourne Hopkins at 2:03 pm on Jan. 3, 1997.
He died peacefully in the hospital of cancer. I do not need to tell
any of you how much Terry meant to all of us personally and to the
Fernand Braudel Center. The Center was his idea and it was he who
persuaded the Administration of the university to make it possible.
He always served it tirelessly.
Those of you who were lucky enough to attend either his
retirement party at Binghamton in November 1995 or the day-long
seminar his former students offered him at the time of the ASA
meetings in New York City in August 1996 will remember how much
each occasion was the manifestation of an outpouring of love and
affection, as well as of admiration for the beautiful intellect he
Condolences may be expressed to Gloria Hopkins, 248
Ackley Avenue, Johnson City, NY 13790. I take this opportunity to
remind you once again that we have been trying to establish a TKH
Archive here at the Center, and request that you send us xeroxes of
the many hand-written memos he showered on all of us.

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