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World-System Network/GLOBALIZATION UNDER CONSTRUCTION:Governmentality, Law, and Identity
by Stacy Zellmann
12 December 2003 19:35 UTC
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Title: World-System Network/GLOBALIZATION UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Governmentality, Law, and Identity
Dear ListServ Administrator:

Please post this to the World-System Network listserv. Also, please let me know if you'd like to review the book for your listserv.  Thanks!

Best wishes,
Stacy Zellmann
Direct Marketing Manager
University of Minnesota Press
111 Third Avenue South, Suite 290
Minneapolis, MN 55401-2520

A kaleidoscopic look at the intersections of globalization and governance.

GLOBALIZATION UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Governmentality, Law, and Identity
Richard Warren Perry and Bill Maurer, editors
University of Minnesota Press | 352 pages | 2003
ISBN 0-8166-3965-5 | hardcover | $68.95
ISBN 0-8166-3966-3 | paperback | $24.95

Considers descriptions of humankind’s future, and the discourses of globalization that frame them, from perspectives in anthropology, geography, law, sociology, and cultural studies. The essays explore the forms, practices, and effects of governmentality integral to global modernity’s architecture.

Contributors: Kitty Calavita, Rosemary J. Coombe, Susan Bibler Coutin, Karen Leonard, Sally Engle Merry, Aihwa Ong, Susan Roberts, Lisa Sanchez, Liliana Suárez-Navaz.

For more information, visit the book's webpage:

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